I know you're scared,

But you gotta be strong.

Remember I have always cared,

When everything seems to go wrong.

I'm scared too, but I can't show it.

I gotta be strong for you.

I have to make sure not to throw a fit,

Have to be brave in everything I do.

You're so beautiful, I hope you know.

Anything else is wrong.

I know you don't want me to go,

But I will see you in not that long.

You're my sister, my friend,

And I am your brother, your guidance.

I will be until the very end.

You were always my reliance.

Don't be sad when I'm gone,

I want you to move on.

It'll be hard, but not for long,

Because you will find me in the dawn.

When it rains, don't cry,

Be happy and dance, and remember why.

I'm in the rain, too,

Because I'm always here for you.

When the sun shines bright,

Don't go hide in the dark,

Remember me telling you it'll be alright,

Then smile that smile, lighting a spark.

You're fine, my beautiful baby,

I'm here through it all.

You're my precious lady,

I'll never let you fall.

Now hush little princess,

It'll be alright,

I'mma be here,

Throughout the night.

It's okay,

You're alright,

You're going to make it through the night.