The world may not care,

But, baby, I'll be there.

The world may crash and die,

But, baby, I'll hold your head high.

Others might not care at all,

But, princess, I'll make sure you stand tall.

Others might not treat you right,

But, princess, I'll hold you through the night.

You might stray, and take a wrong turn,

But, beautiful, I'll be here to help you learn.

You might hurt yourself without a clue,

But, beautiful, I'm here to help you through.

People might shove you down in the dirt,

But, gorgeous, I'll make sure you never get hurt.

People might ignore you, and you don't know what to do,

But, gorgeous, I'll go through it all together with you.

Baby, look beside you. What do you see?

Yes, princess, you're right. It's me.

Beautiful, look ahead. Who do you see?

Yes, gorgeous, it's you and me.