We're lonely...

First chapter of "We need you!"...

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*Note that all characters that are in this story are fake, and if there are any similarities with a person in real life, it's just a coincidence... (There may be some exceptions, like in this story, there is a character that is based off of one of my childhood friends... I miss her...)

On with the story!

My name is Jacob Nash, I am a high school student at my local high school... Yep, I think I sound interesting already! (Yeah right! _) Well, I'll start off with more general information, I'm a male, half Asian, half Mexican... I am very fluent in English (No duh...), trying to learn Spanish, I'm dark haired, tan skinned, and I'm hard working... at times... Well, I don't have a girlfriend... And I don't plan on having one... (Like I could get one if I wanted... _) I could do with a girlfriend, but well, if it happens, it happens. There are many girls in my classes, and I'll admit, I like some of them, but the one for me is gone... Not dead or anything, she moved. We were best friends before. I really liked her, and I honestly believe that if she never moved away, I think we could've been in a romantic relationship. I miss her, why'd she have to leave when I was only nine? Her soft skin, her wavy, blond hair... Of course I'm only thinking from memory, so she probably is different now. God, I miss her, I don't even know her last name... Rebecca, her first name. Rebecca was a tom-boy, which was why we were friends. She stood out from the rest, shunned by the rest of the elementary class... I was also shunned. I meet her at the playground, I was swinging on the swings and she sat next to me... I was immediately taken back by this, why would a girl sit next to me?

"H-h-hi there." I said... Yep, real charmer... "Hello!" she replied back. I was surprised, no one ever talked to me in my class. She was having trouble with the swing, she didn't know how to go back and forth like how I was. "Do you need help?" I asked curiously. "Uhhhhh, how do you swing so high without someone pushing you?" she asked with a blush on her face. "Just push off with your feet first, then swing your feet back and forth along with the swing!" I replied. She tried it... She fell off and got a cut! She started to cry, and I got nervous. I told the teacher what happened and she came running down. Turns out, her mom is a good friend of the teacher, and the teacher really cared for Rebecca.

"Rebecca!" The teacher cried out. That's how I learned her name. "Are you OK? Where did you scrape yourself?" Rebecca pointed at her knee, it was real bloody if I remembered correctly. The teach had to put one of those real big band-aids on her. The teacher asked me what happened, and I told her that I was just trying to teach her how to swing. I was really worried about Rebecca, she was the only person in my class who talked to me!

"Is Rebecca going to be alright?" I asked being a worry-sport. "Of course! It's just a little scratch!" my teacher reassured. "Rebecca?" I asked. "What?" "Why did you start swinging next to me?" "Because it was recess silly!" "Well, why did you choose to swing next to me during recess?" "You seemed lonely, and I was lonely too! I hated how it felt, so I figured, you did too! So I decided that I would be your friend!"

And just like that, we became friends!