The clouds fell

in front of eyes

You looked at me and

I wondered whom

Before you said me hi

Before you gave me a smile

There was something that I said to you...

Do you remember?

Though we met everyday

Though we looked each other everyday

I still kept refusing to say

you a word

Or this crush will grow and fly

like a bird

I looked someone

But see your face

I can sense whenever

You are at my pace

Again, After I looked you back

After I held my hand

There was something that I said to you...

Did you even heard?

Though I'm afraid to face you

Though I'm afraid to say you a word

Deep in my heart I wanted

to call your name

But I stopped cause I know

you won't notice me again

I had enough of this!

I don't know why?

What's the reason behind?

That I don't realize

I shout I hate you!

'cuz I'm lonely being with you

I dissapear than I realize

I'm lonely without you too...

Please don't neglect my each words

I always regret after saying them

But wherever you are, there will be

A word I said