In the shadow land, it didn't occur to Kit that Keith was unrealistically large. It didn't even faze her, seeing that his muscles were easily as wide as her head. She was blinded by terror to the impracticality of it all. All she knew was that he was approaching with horrifying speed, and that when he reached her, there would be no fighting back.

Kit turned around and dashed through the house of her childhood. She didn't have time to pause and wonder why there were funhouse mirrors instead of walls, or why there were suddenly hundreds more rooms than she remembered. Kit picked one at random, hoping desperately that there would be some sort of hiding place within. When she pulled on the door, it exploded into thousands of shards, glittering over her and in her and through her until she felt like she had been cut to ribbons.

Kit paused only a beat to assess the damage before dashing into the room and ducking behind the first thing she saw. In her temporary asylum, Kit allowed herself to look around as she gasped for breath. She observed that this room had even more mirrors than everywhere else, so that when Keith walked in not much later, it looked as though there were dozens of him.

The hairs on the back of Kit's neck stood on end, and she looked over her shoulder. There was Keith, standing right behind her. he raised one giant fist, swung…

And Kit shot up in her bed, panting. For the rest of the night, she didn't get a wink of sleep.