Yawing, I tripped over Hippie, our enormous golden retriever, as I walked towards the kitchen. It was one of those imperfect Saturday mornings where eating chocolate ice cream was the absolutely perfect thing to do. I smiled, patting my already growling tummy. I so deserved that deliciously yummy treat.

Humming softly I opened the door of our refrigerator and scanned the inside of it once, twice, thrice and even a fourth time until I completely grasped the fact that my chocolate ice cream was indeed nowhere to be found. I froze for a few seconds as my line of vision turned red, this was not the first time that a certain someone had stolen my chocolate ice cream, even if that same someone has already been warned. In frustration I slammed the door shut, blindly snatched a deadly weapon from the nearest drawer and marched right over to my soon to be murder victim.

"What the hell were you thinking when you ate my chocolate ice cream you complete ice cream jerk?" I growled.

The complete ice cream jerk, known as Andrew, barely flinched from my barging into the room. Unlike my poor dear brother who fell nearly off his bed, the jerk casually turned to look at me from his sitting position on the sofa. And that seriously pissed me the hell off!

"What happened?" My brother asked as he sat straight once more.

"Your 'best friend that's what happened!" I glared in plain fury at the vain of my existence.

That's right, my brother's 'best friend' has, is and probably will be the vain of my existence until I completely loose the last bit of my sanity and attempt murder.

Now, dear reader, at this moment you might be thinking just like all of my blind friends, acquaintances and family, about that clichéd happy ending where the brother's best friend and the brother's little sister end up as a couple. Well let me stop your unrealistic thoughts right now because that will never happen, not even if hell freezes over. We're just plain rivals here.

Yes, even with his gorgeous looks and all that attractive jazz he's got going on 24/7. Although I do admit that my teenage hormones never really let me fully ignore his presence but this only adds up to the growing list of annoying things about him.

My only goal is to get under his skin just as easily as he gets under mine, which explains his motive behind that charming facade he puts up in front of my parents. Just to get under my skin.

"She's not listening." Andrew spoke, his voice snapping me out of my thoughts.

My brother gave me a disapproving frown for not listening to his lecture. Ah my brother, he was attentive, respectful, a gentleman, sweet, and smart, everything that Andrew wasn't. Now, dear reader, you might be wondering how such a good natured person could end up being best friends with Andrew the Jerk.

Well, I'm still wondering.

"Angela," my brother snapped his book shut to get my attention. "Did you eat breakfast already?" He repeated his question.

"Not yet," I mumbled back. My brother had always been the one checking up on me since our real parents were never at home to do so. "I was actually planning to eat my chocolate ice cream right now" I glared at his best friend.

"An ice cream," Andrew commented, completely aware that he was pushing my buttons.

I sputtered, offended. Seriously? Just a chocolate ice cream? Everyone and I mean everyone knows how important my chocolate ice cream is for me. "Excuse me but it's my chocolate ice cream! You can't just eat someone else's chocolate ice cream because you feel like it! Plus, you jerk, I've been saving that one since yesterday."

My brother sighed tired of our fighting. "I'll buy you another one on Monday, Ok kiddo?"

I frowned; I was being treated like a five year old while the cause of all of this was being ignored. How is that fair?

"Hmm," Andrew hummed completely unaffected as he leaned back with a thoughtful expression. "Well, I do see why you would save such a delicious treat for last" he smirked, enjoying himself. "It was delicious."

That. Is. It.

With all my might I threw the deadly weapon I still had clutched in my hand towards his sitting figure. In my mind I had actually grabbed some sort of dangerous cooking utensil, but I was seriously surprised and embarrassed when the 'deadly weapon' managed to land lightly on his chest. Causing no damage at all.

He glanced at it for a moment and a smirk began to form once again. "A plastic spoon?"

My cheeks turned several deeper shades of red in both embarrassment and anger as I glanced at my brother for help but he was struggling to withhold his laughter as he opened his book once more. Ugh.

I returned my gaze to Andrew, lifting my chin stubbornly. "That, you ice cream stealer, was just the pre-warning of what will happen to you for taking what clearly is not yours," spoke with finality before walking out of my brother's room.

On Monday morning I slowly dragged my feet though the doors of the school. I blinked concentrating on placing one foot in front of the other without falling. The fact that I was not a morning person at all and that today was Monday did not help my mood get any better.

"Angi wait up!" screamed my best friend Kimberly as she made her way across the hallway and towards me.

"Hey girl! How was your weekend?" Kim asked brightly as she bounced up to me. I often wondered how she could be so energetic on a Monday morning.

"It was fine, yours?" I mumbled sleepily before grinning back her, it was impossible not to smile with such a contagious personality.

We spend the rest of the morning with Kim telling me all about her scandalous night at the concert with the two boys that were apparently in love with her all throughout the morning before class started. She was a gorgeous girl, with long wavy black hair, slender body, light skin color, perfect curves and striking blue eyes. Kimberly was and has been the platonic crush of many boys in my school. To the distant eyes of watchers she was perfect, smart, popular, and beautiful.

I sighted, I sometimes envied her perfect life. I wanted to be recognized not only because of my best friend but because of me. Kim was a very talented girl in both acting and dancing. In fact, she was even a member of a dancing group that represented our school and competed against the very best. She was also the kindest and sweetest person you could ever meet. We have been friends since elementary and never stopped supporting each other throughout all of this time. Which is exactly why I'm more proud of her achievements than anything else.

"Angie, are you even listening to me? I've just expressed all my feelings to you and you didn't listen." Kimberly snapped me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry Kim, I'm out of it today. Can you repeat the end?"

I waked out of math which was my last class period before school ended. Also, as unusual as it may be, my favorite subject. I had spent some part of my day trying to come up with an ingenious revenge plan against the jerk so he could once and for all learn not to take my candy, or at least my chocolate ice cream. But, unfortunately, I've not been gifted with the creative skill needed to make up such a prank. , which is why I ended up deciding to wait for the opportunity to come up by itself. I slumped as I neared my locker, maybe if I asked Kim for help? I doubt it, but it's worth the try.

"Sorry kiddo, I don't think it's my place to help you prank Andrew as revenge for taking your chocolate ice cream?" Kim said as she patted my head like a little girl. We were currently in my room and had just finished watching our favorite TV episode that aired every Monday night.

I slumped even more, frowning. Why is it that my brother and Kim both call me "kiddo"?

"But," I started, trying to convince my best friend as we both picked up the popcorn bowl, cans of coke and other trash. "Teaching him that lesson would really be morally correct. It will be good for him!" I insisted as I opened the door and started making my way down the stairs.

Kim smiled and rolled her eyes, "Did you ever think that-" she stopped talking as soon as she saw me stop dead on my tracks looking at the sleeping figure on the sofa, an evil smile forming in my lips. Perfect.

With Kim right behind me, I sneaked the rest of the way as silently as possible to the kitchen, placing everything in my arms on the counter.

"Kim, it is now or never! Are you with me?" I whispered expectantly as I took the whip cream out of the refrigerator and shook it, grinning of giddiness. Revenge is so sweet.

Kim sighed exasperated, shook her head, grabbed her backpack and waved goodbye with an apologetic smile. I waited for her to leave before commencing Operation Payback.

As I played the mission impossible song in my head I made my way over to subject J, which stands for Jerk, by rolling, jumping, and dodging imaginary obstacles. I reached the subject and took a moment to contemplate my next step. I stood up straight analyzing subject J's sitting position as he leaned back against the sofa with the biology book on his left arm and his head slightly tipped to the side. His right arm was resting on the armrest.

His breathining was slow as I cautiously neared my hand in front of him and snapped my fingers three times, but nothing happened. I smirked. I had decided to place some whip cream on his nose first and then on his hand with the intent to cause as much of a mess as possible when he brings his hand to his face.

Just as I had finished the first step, I moved to his hand. Grabbing the whip cream with my other hand, I continued to turn his hand on the armrest upside down as slowly and efficiently as possible.

Through the corner of my eye, I saw him move slightly, I froze looking up at him while fearing the worst only to find him sleeping as soundlessly as ever. I breathed out in pure relief trying to calm down. God, who knew this, could be so nerve racking? Taking a deep breath I turned back to his hand to quickly finish the mission but in that same instant his fingers encircled around my wrist.

My heart jumped out of my chest in the millisecond before I was pulled towards the sofa and pinned down right where Andrew had been sting a second before.

"Shit," I breathed out looking up into his green eyes gleaming of pure malice.

"You're going to have to do way better than this if you want to get back at me princess." He murmured with a wicked smile.

He was so near I could breathe in his scent and feel his body warmth. In fact, I could even make out the distinct shades of green in his eyes and the faint brush of specks on his check bones. I blinked; mesmerized by the sudden new sensation. A small amount whip cream his nose smeared on mine and I was abruptly snapped out of the trance. I blinked suddenly aware of what Andrew was doing.

The tricky bastard.

"Well," I spoke summoning up as much confidence as there was left in me. "Its war then," I grinned even when my voice waivered at the end.

Andrew let go of me as soon as I broke the silence seeming somehow surprised with his actions. He glanced at me for a moment as something flashed in his eyes before smirking. With his finger he flicked some of the whip cream that was now smeared on me before I could react, "let the war begin."

I froze, watching him lick his finger before glaring daggers at him. What the heck? This somehow newly intensified perverted-ly side of him greatly angered me more than his usual perverted self. Oh it's war alright.