I was inspired to write this fic because I have a crush on a maths assistant and I'm hoping that this will help me to stop crushing on him. This is my first M-rated story so please tell me how I did. Plus I'm fairly certain that at one point in our lives we've had crush on sexy teachers and have fantasies about them so hopefully I'm not alone.

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I don't really know when I started crushing on my maths teacher. When I mean maths teacher, I mean student teacher, as in his early twenties and a teaching assistant. Every Tuesday and Friday he would come into the classroom and help any student who needed help. Since maths wasn't my strong point and I was getting one of the lowest grades in class, it wasn't any wonder that Ms. Smith always made him check my work on the first question to make sure that I would understand the lesson.

Even when she didn't tell him to help me, he would always sneak up behind me and his breath would tickle my right ear, "Do you need any help?" he would ask.

My friends, who had a crush on him as well, would always stare at me. My usual reply is always to turn hostile and cross my arms cross my chest, until he got the message and left me alone. Sarah, who was sitting in the row in front of me and a few seats away, would laugh silently and point at me. I flipped her off but sadly Mr. Owens was watching and as I turned to meet his gaze, he quickly looked away. Most of the class liked him immensely; he stayed away from some of them because they were obsessed with him talking to them. On a few occasions, Mr. Owens heard them chat to the person next to them about how cute he was, so he avoided them for a long as he could. I couldn't blame him; it must have made him feel uncomfortable. Still, that's what you get for working at an all girl high school.

At the end of every lesson without fail, he would bolt out of class as soon as the bell rang. My friends would constantly tease me at the end of every lesson about Mr. Owens.

"You're so lucky! He's so fit and you get to spend so much time with him." Sarah sighed.

"I don't see what the big deal is. He's a teacher and he still bites his nails." I complained.

His nails were really tiny and it didn't take a genius to figure this out.

"Oh, you like him. Admit it; you have a crush on him." Hayley's eyes glittered mischievously.

"I do not!" I rebuked.

"You so do. You blush every time he comes near you, and look! You're blushing now." Sarah grinned.

"I'm not blushing, plus how can you tell with my skin tone?" I asked.

I was mixed race, my Mum is Carribean and my Dad is British. My skin could be described as the colour of caramel.

"Keep denying it; it's only more proof that you love him." Hayley grinned.

The sad thing was that they were right. He was immensely cute, with his schoolboy light brown hair, chocolate brown eyes and fair skin. He wore black suit trousers, dark blue shirt, V-necked black sweatshirt with a red tie. Every time I saw him, I got the urge to laugh. He must think I'm an idiot with the way I act around him. But I think one of the reasons he hangs around me (besides helping me with my schoolwork) was that he couldn't tell I had a huge crush on him. Plus with his huge male ego, he must feel superior when he helps a girl in distress. But one lesson, everything changed.

It started like any other normal lesson. It was Friday afternoon, period five which was the last lesson of the day. I was walking with my friends to the maths room.

"I really hope he's not in today." I told Sarah and Hayley.

They walked into the classroom first and I mouthed to them, "Is he in?"

They nodded and when I walked in, he was standing in his usual place which was right next to my desk. I groaned loudly and marched over to my desk in the back row. I swung my ugly black leather messenger bag into the seat alongside me and dug my books out from it.

"Are you alright Echo?" Mr. Owens asked.

I don't even know how he knows my name even though he's only been here for a month. I'm fairly certain that he hasn't learnt the other girls in this class, names yet.

"I'm fine." I muttered.

He left the subject at that as I fell into my seat. I copied what Ms. Smith wrote on the whiteboard. I looked over to Mr. Owens face a few times and I could see he was doing what he was always doing, chewing the plastic sleeve on his lanyard. This was a regular thing for him and he never noticed me peeking.

Today we were doing Algebra which was my weakest subject. As Ms. Smith set us an exercise to do from our textbooks, I set to work. After five minutes, I looked up to see Ms. Smith approach me. Her eyes flitted across the page of my exercise book before she called Mr. Owens over.

"Check Echo's work to make sure she's doing the work correctly." she told him.

I was silently cursing at her inside my head. Why does she think I'm so incapable of doing the work? Mr. Owens walked to where my bag was and waited for me to move it so that he could sit down. I reluctantly moved it to the floor and pushed myself as far away from Mr. Ewin as I could.

"Do you have a red pen?" he asked before he moved his long slender fingers to the zip of my pencil case.

But before he could unzip it, I said in an unintentionally rude tone, "No!"

His hand froze by the zipper before he pulled it away. I wasn't trying to be rude; I was just telling the truth. I was scared that I might have hurt his feelings, but his mouth broke into one of his usual lopsided grins that just made him look sooo cute!

"It's ok, I have one." he got up from the chair and dug through his black backpack.

I got a really good ogle at his butt. I finally understood what my friend Lucy meant about guy's butts.

"Some guys have no butts but when you find a really nice one." Lucy explained before drooling.

He turned to face me and he caught me looking at his butt. My face felt hot but before I turned to look away, he winked at me. I looked at everybody else, but they were hunched over their own work. Ms. Smith was marking some test papers so I was safe. Mr. Owens came back with his red pen and started to mark my work.

"Good…good…excellent. Well done." he smiled as he ticked the three questions I answered.

"Really? I got them right?" I asked.

"Yep." he replied before he jolted.

His hand went inside his trouser pocket and he took out his iPhone before placing it on the desk in front of me.

"Sir if I can't use my phone in class, then why can you use yours?" I whispered.

"I'm not using it, it just keeps turning itself on." he explained.

As if to prove his point, his phone surged to life and vibrated on the table. He was trying to turn it off and failing. With a sigh, I motioned for him to pass it to me, I was surprised when he did because he was actually handing me his phone, but that didn't stop me from turning it off. Sure I had a Blackberry but my Dad has an iPhone so I knew how to turn it off. Mr. Owens was grateful when I handed it back and he put it back into his pocket. I would have liked him to 'help' me for a few more minutes but another student had put her hand up, so he had to help her.

Maybe he's not so bad after all, I thought before emerging myself into another Algebra question. Great, it's super hard and it's confusing me. I was also really tired since I went to bed at 1:00am, so I put my arms in front of me and rested my head in the middle of them. It didn't take me long to doze off. I don't know how much time passed until Ms. Smith had reached my desk and actually shook me awake.

"Echo, I am really disappointed with you. How about you make up the time you could have spent working instead of snoozing. You have detention for an hour after school." Ms. Smith announced.

Sarah looked disappointed along with Hayley. My face burned with shame so I went back to hiding my face by placing it on my desk. The bell rang at that moment which meant it was 3:20am, too bad I wouldn't be leaving for another damn hour. Worse thing of about this situation was that it was Friday. Sure I wasn't doing anything today but it still ruined the start of the weekend. I watched as my class piled out of the classroom, Ellie and Sarah both waved at me before leaving. For once Mr. Owens was still here and he hadn't left yet, I soon found out why.

"I have parents evening today, so sir will be making sure you do your work." Ms. Smith explained before leaving the room.

I went straight back to sleeping but unfortunately Mr. Owens wouldn't let me.

"Come on, you need to work. Just because Ms isn't here, doesn't mean you can be slacking." he stated with a bemused expression on his face.

"But sir, its soo hard! I mean, maths is so hard!" I moaned.

He laughed, "It's not, what are you stuck on?"

I quickly scanned the entire page, "Everything."

He shook his head before taking the seat next to me, "Its easier then you think, let me show you."

He took my fountain pen and copied out one of the questions. As he explained how to answer it, I noticed how close he was. I've fantasized a few times about being alone with him. How our lips would merge together, brown orbs meeting brown orbs and how my skin would feel on his…

"Echo? Echo!" he snapped his fingers in front of my face, causing me to jump.

"Sorry sir, I was a little preoccupied." I apologised.

His eyes glittered mischievously, "What about?"

I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks, "O-oh it's nothing."

His face leaned in towards mine, "Tell me, it's nothing to be embarrassed about." he smiled.

"I was just daydreaming." I answered.

"About what?" he asked.

"Somebody, this guy I like." I replied.

"You must really like him if you're blushing this much." he remarked.

"I don't think this is any of your business sir. Now you have to tell me something about yourself." I smirked

His smile didn't waver, "Like what?"

"Like, how's your girlfriend?" I asked.

"I don't have one." he replied.

My heart might have just skipped a beat. Before I could stop myself, I word vomited, "Somebody as fit as you has no partner?"

He looked surprised and I then face planted onto the desk. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

"What did you say?" his face looked flushed.

"It's nothing, why do you care about what a sixteen year old girl thinks of you?" I asked, getting up.

He stood up as well, grasping my forearms, "Because you're not like any girl I've ever met. Since I've come to this school, all I can hear are the students always whispering about me whenever I pass them. I like how you don't care about how I look, you seem to be a genuine person." he said sincerely.

I had taken my blazer off and I was wearing a short sleeve shirt today, so his hands were actually gripping my arms. They felt really smooth and soft which was weird considering he played the guitar, so shouldn't his fingers be callused like my brothers? I was looking into his eyes, they say the eyes are the windows to a person's soul and all I could see was lust. He leaned his mouth towards mine and kissed me. I allowed him because I knew that this was what I wanted. Sure this was a taboo, but how can something that feels so wonderful be pronounced as something so wrong?

Our tongues started to battle for dominance, something that I knew I couldn't win. He was older, he had more experience. My eyes were still opened while his were closed, so I closed my eyes and moaned into the kiss. He placed one of his hands do that it was clutching the small of my back and his other hand was caressing my cheek. One of my hands was in his hair, while the other was feeling his chest. He didn't have any muscles but his chest was toned. Before I could comprehend what was happening, he used one of his hands to push my books onto the floor and he laid me on top of the table. He was now on top of me while I was using his tie to pull him closer to me. Our hands were roaming anywhere they could touch which made me feel like we were losing control.

There would be dire consequences if we were found out, but right now neither of us cared about that. We were stuck in our own little world where it was just me and him. I could feel one of his hands sneak under my shirt and groping my left boob. It was rough but it was also pleasuring. Suddenly I could feel something rubbing against the inside of my bare thigh as my skirt had gotten hitched up. Then a new thought filled my head, what if he wanted to have sex? Would I really want my first time to be with somebody I barely knew, I didn't even know his first name. But I was living the ultimate teenage fantasy, the chance to fuck a hot teacher. Screw the rules, I thought before I helped take off Mr. Owens' sweatshirt.

We both undressed each other until we were both lying naked in each other's arms. At the last minute I remembered something important, what they always told us in PSHE.

"Do you have any…?" I couldn't even say it.

To me it was a fairly vulgar word. But he knew what I was implying, "Yeah."

He broke the contact between us and he went to his bag. I started to feel a little self conscious about myself. Was I too fat? Would it be as painful as people make it out to be? What if we were discovered? But as his eyes met mine again, all my worries faded away and this felt right. I won't go into too much detail about what happened that evening, but let's just say it was the best wonderful thing that's ever happened to me. Nobody could figure out why I was so happy the next day. On Monday my friends were teasing me about spending some time with Mr. Owen, but they'll never be able to imagine how far I went. On Tuesday, I was actually glad that Ms. Smith made him help me. For the first time during a maths lesson, I wasn't been hostile to him talk about a miracle.

Just before the end of Tuesday's lesson, I found a slip of paper in my blazer pocket. I unfurled it and I got to work reading the crimson writing. It only said four words:

Ready for round two?

We made eye contact before the bell rang and he winked at me before leaving the classroom.

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