A sad thought

A kind word,

A toe tag.

Is that all I amount to?

Is that all I am?

No family meets me

They won't have me.

My possessions in a box,

My whole life contained in one small vessel.

But what can I do?

What can I do now that the darkness has me?

Possesses me?

Takes my every would-be breath and steals it from me.

I can't fight back.

I can't tell them of the wonderful things I have done!

I can't tell them who I am.

And all the people who could are gone,

Pushed away by dirty, selfish hands.

A preacher

A rose,


No congregation, no eulogy.

I lived once, and loved so dearly,

But all of that is gone.

Light fades from above me as dirt is piled on.

But now I am looking down.

Down into the dark abyss of my grave.

Did I deserve this?

Do I deserve this?

A call.

I look up and see a light above me.

Do I deserve to ascend?

Or am I damned to descend?

I put my head high and walk.

I'll get where I am supposed to be.


What does it matter?

I have forever now.