I sigh to look at the past,

Onto my mind, a void where none will last,

I tried to recall the feeling, undefiled and vast,

Locked in a corner, I am, and thank you for that final and perfect dance

My vision was so numb, devoid of all the colors I see,

I closed my eyes, I forced myself to behold the definition of beauty

Nothing labored out of it, so I opened my eyes,

I smiled at the fact that you and I danced, a dream in sight

A grin here and there, a shadow to overcome sadness everywhere,

Your image, carved in my heart, causes every beat to skip and stare

This happiness within, much heavier than I can bear,

For the thought that we danced makes me wanna shout like sirens that blare

'Bring it back, bring it back', time seems to be envy

Like a broken vase to be disgorged by fate,

Gladness and glory overpowered my sanity which caused it to crack,

'Thank you, thank you, thank you!', cried my heart at the dance aftermath.