"Need You Now"

"I need you."

From the minute I had written the words I realize they were true, I did need him plain and simple.

Over the phone's voice was gentle and soothing, but I needed him here in person be able to touch warm skin and be able to look into his eyes to see the concern written there not just hear it.

The weeks passed slowly as they had since my grandma's passing flowing from one day to the next, he said he would be home in March… Soon but not soon enough.

It was another muted day hasn't been for the past few weeks no rain but something that seem to emphasize my current mood, a dull shade of gray that seem to have a mind of its own and seep everything. I needed in here so much it was like a physical ache wanting to physically pull them from his work in North Carolina back to here in Illinois where I felt he belonged.

The phone call I get a few weeks later lifts my spirits and I know he will be here soon and then I feel like the resulting scene will be like something out of a romantic drama (or at least that's how I see it in my head)

There is a soft knock on the door, so soft I was sure I would miss it and there is my best friend Matt Jensen, he's not very tall but from where I am on the floor he looks like it and we hardly say two words as he steps inside.

"Justice…" He draws out my name slowly as if he is considering his words carefully.

"Matt…" I say quietly, "come in." I lead him over to one of the recliners in my apartment, I don't care which one he sits in today.

He sits down looking at me with a look I know well.

"How are you?"

In the simple question I know what he is asking, I always know what he's Be because with him I can always read between the lines.

"Better…" I murmur quietly moving to sit between his knees because that was the place I had always been most comfortable, "I guess it was the shock more than anything else, I mean, we knew she was doing bad… But…"

I turned myself to look into his face it was still calm and sympathetic.

"Matt…?" Even as his name left my lips I wasn't even sure what I wanted from him, I hadn't known since the day before grandma had died. I let out a long breath, "just… Hold me."

He didn't say a word, he didn't need to and that he was down on his knees pulling me into his arms and my arms wrapped around his waist spreading of his back my face buried in his chest.

"I hate it you're so far away." I mumbled.

I felt him rub my back.

"Well I'm here now." He whispered and that was all I needed to hear.

We sat in companionable silence for what seemed like forever me occasionally humming bits and pieces of songs I had been listening to recently. In that moment it didn't matter what our current relationship was whether it was boyfriend and girlfriend or just best friends although matter was he was here and he knew I just needed comfort.