The following day, Chrome Bumper and Susie met in study hall to discuss what they could do to get rid of Ophiuchus and Sanduleak. They had several books on the paranormal opened and were scouring them each. "Here's something!" Chrome Bumper said, "it says in order to put the like, demons away, we just gotta 'draw an inverted pentagram on the ground, burn black candles, then put the number 666 at each point, and sacrifice a black cat—' Oh…" Susie looked at the book and said "Seeing as this is a ritual for how to destroy angels, I don't think this is what we're looking for." She pushed the book aside and showed Chrome Bumper something she found "This might be useful: 'To banish the entities by way of Ouija board, you must perform the ritual backwards. This involves making everything the complete reverse of how it was when the entities were first summoned…' Just like Mr. Brownspice said. "

That night they set up everything opposite how it was before. Susie had originally been to the north of Chrome Bumper, and Chrome Bumper to the south, so now Chrome Bumper was to the north and Susie the south; pentagram was pointed the opposite direction, and the each candle was replaced with its opposite (where originally stood a black candle, now stood a white candle, ect.); Chrome Bumper was now handling the board, while Susie read directions and took notes.

"Okay," she said, repeat after me:" and Chrome Bumper repeated as follows: "Spirits from beyond, who walk amongst the living, walk about no more! Be returned to the land of the dead from whence ye came! Be gone! Be gone! BE GONE!" Nothing happened. They tried again two more times, but nothing ever happened, so they gave up. "I know!" Susie said, "Let's use my Necronomicon!"
"You're what?" Chrome Bumper asked. "My Necronomicon;" Susie explained, "It's a book of spells and incantations to control spirits with. We can use it to summon Ophiuchus and Sanduleak, and then banish or destroy them." She shot up to her room, and returned shortly with a gigantic black book, opened it, and began flipping through the pages of the three-inch thick tome. Then she found something "There! 'Use the following incantation to control the movements of spiritual entities. Be careful as it is very powerful and should only be said out loud when intended for use.'" She showed the incantation to Chrome Bumper.

They formulated a plan to get rid of the demons. Susie would find a way to banish or annihilate Ophiuchus and Sanduleak completely, and once she had done so, they would summon the demons to a place where they could do so, and then use the method and be rid of them.

The following day at school, Susie was in Basque class. They were learning the Nor case for verb conjugation. All was going fine until something happened. "And now, ikasleak," Mr. Beletz, the Basque teacher said, "please turn to orrialde 394 in your textbooks—"
"Buru-gantz." Susie said.
"Excuse me, Platzner andereñoa," ('andereñoa' means 'Miss') "did you just call me 'fat-head'?"
"That's right. 'Cause that's what you are." Susie replied maliciously.
"Platzner andereñoa!" Mr. Beletz said, shocked at her behavior.
"Ain zure ama, ere!" she said, which translates as 'And your mother, too!'.
"Platzner andereñoa—"
"Hoa kaka egitara!" Susie blurted out.
"Platzner andereñoa, we do not use obscenities in this class in English or Basque! Detention!"

Just then, Susie was standing atop her desk, and started flamenco dancing and singing a song of praise to Franco, the former Spanish dictator who did everything in his power to oppress the Basque people in crush their language. This pushed Mr. Beletz over the edge. "You can disrupt my class, you can insult my mother, and you can curse at me in my mother tongue… But when you praise the man who oppressed my people, THAT'S WHEN I GET MAD!"

Finally, Susie regained control and charged out of the room and yelled "Adveho spiritus adego!" the incantation to control spirits. Ophiuchus shot past her. As this happened, Chrome Bumper came bursting out of the Chemistry room, clothing scorched and face covered in ash, and a plume of smoke following him along with a furious science teacher. He also yelled "Adveho spiritus adego, dude!" and Sanduleak shot from the science room.

Chrome Bumper and Susie met up and lead the spirits to the hallway 9000-9999, where her locker was, Chrome Bumper opened the door at the end of the hall, and Susie ran toward it but jumped out of the way, and Sanduleak and Ophiuchus flew through the door into the empty abyss on the other side, and Chrome Bumper and Susie slammed the door, locked it, and leaned against it, sighing with relief. Then their respective teachers reached them, and ordered them to the Vice Principal's office, an order they happily obeyed.

That evening, after everyone had gone home, and the sun had set, the last person still at the school was the old Parsi janitor. He had just finished re-waxing the floors, when he came to the end of hallway 9000-9999. "Has somebody been messing wid dees door?" he asked the air, and unlocked and opened the door. Two monstrous demons shot out and stood before him. "It is truly ironic," Ophiuchus said, "It was one of your people who originally imprisoned us in the first place."

The End