Fallen Angel

Lightning cracks

Thunder booms

The angel has fallen

All to soon

The clouds part

Then she hit's the earth

With a solid thud

She lands in muddy turf

Her halo gone

And a broken wing

Her voice is cracked

She can no longer sing

The songs of heaven

Lost to her

She crawls to a tree

A giant fir

It comforts the lost small creature

Her tears fall

To the soil

Helping the tree to grow tall

She climbs to the top

Dreaming of flight

She looks down

Sees the great height

She knows her wing is broken

Yet sadly

She doesn't care

She knows it will end badly

She jumps

Spreads her wings

The wind carries her for a seconds of pure bliss

As the wind sweetly sings

A song of congratulation

As she glides peacefully over the land

Then something goes wrong

She covers her eyes with her dainty, pale hand

As she spirals downwards towards the cold earth

She hit's the unforgiving ground hard

Her delicate skin tears

Her small, fragile bones turn to shards

Blood flows from her fatal wounds

Her final thoughts

Are those of her sins

How she disobeyed everything she was taught

God never forgave her

How could he be so cruel

As to let the heavenly creature die

Her skin is cool

Growing colder with each second

As life leaves her small frame

Her last feelings

Were feelings of shame