You're not my friend
Don't pretend you are
Friends don't do what you did
Friends don't hurt so deeply

Don't act like it never happened
I can still hear you swearing at me
I can still feel the filth of your touch
The pressure of your lips

Don't look at me like you care
If you cared, I'd know it
I wouldn't have this guilt inside of me
Like I was the one in the wrong

I never tempted you - I know this now
You knew of my feelings for my love
You knew
Yes, you knew

Don't pretend nothing happened
This time I won't play your game
You had your second chance
And your third.

Don't hold my hand like a friend
Don't look at me hurt when I flinch
Your touch did this to me,
And my heart's still healing

Stop pretending..
I did.