Nothing stays the same. It's so frustrating, when you think something like that. Our lives, our everything can be shattered down and never became as it was before. It's so lame and embarrassing when you think that, even though you wanted it to never change, nothing stays the same. The time pass by without you noticing, and the beautiful tears of happiness that you shed were for nothing in particular. Just to make your life be more exciting and with more colors. Love is a perfect example. Though you don't want to change, or at lest you don't believe that you will change. But after meeting that someone, you slowly start changing in a way that you don't understand yourself. So drastically, without anyone noticing it. It's strange how we can change that way. For the sake of that precious person, for his happiness, for seeing him/her smiling everyday. For that simple little moment we do all that. We change. Sometimes we go blind because of our loneliness, and other times we go blind from our own jealousy.

Do you thing that love can kill? If you have a little, than you aren't satisfied. If you taste a lot of it, you became addicted to it. Love has its own balance, not to much, not to less. But the fact that is always clear is that we can't live without love. Even for a second in our lives, we have felt love. Not only love between two people, but parental, friendship, brotherhood love. At least once we for sure have felt that someone needs us and care for us. That person is there in good and bad time, that can always give you a shoulder to cry on. Love is manifested in different forms. Do you hate homosexuals? Do they disgust you? Well apparently I'm not disgusted at all, although I'm heterosexual myself. The thing that matters is that they have found a person who cares for them, no matter the sex. That's what it's truly important, to take and give love reciprocally, no matter what others may think or say about you. It's good that you are confident of your love only, like a beautiful rose ready to bloom. You can bloom in any color you want, as long as that person appreciates you for what color you are inside. People sometimes don't understand that they are doing something wrong till the moment they brake up. They always ask "what did I do wrong?" They don't think with both, their brain and heart. You can't let only your heart think for you, she needs only to feel, you have to let the thinking part to the brain, it's his job. And you should never let go off that person, if you truly care. But an exception is if s/he dump you firstly with the reason that they don't love you anymore. You'll firstly cry, and than think that s/he wasn't for me. There are a lot of circumstances you can be found in, and you always should think of a way to get out without hurting anybody. Oh, let me correct – get out hurting as less people as possible. Even if it is or it isn't you the person how is hurt, from a fairytale there is always someone who doesn't get his/her happy ending. It's strange how we can compare a fairytale with reality. Usually we want something, but in the end, or we go home smiling, or we don't go.

It's like a thin window that connects the fantasy and the reality. They are so close to each other, but at the same time so far. Our feelings are so complicated, but it's so easy to feel them. A crazy compare which means either good or bad, or both. Or either of them. It's feeling protected, and never be abandoned. You should do the same, reciprocally. You should give them your protection and your warmth. Be you the knight in the shinny armor riding on a white horse. Like a fairytale? Well yeah, something like that. You ask what if you are to scared that you can't even protect yourself? Them the answer will be even more simpler than what you think. If you are scared don't be, even if it is hard, you just have to think about the person that is protecting you, and think of something that can make him/her happy, be always by his/her side, and you'll see that both of you will be happy. That's a way of protecting him/her, and the happiness and love that both of you share. See, it's not that difficult, it only needs a little trust from both the sides. Yeah, love is a dammed complicated thing. It's like a salmon flowing endlessly with the river until it reaches the ocean, and once again it starts it's journey without thinking about the obstacles that the flow to paradise can hide.

We Seek Happiness in LOVE.

Hey, you know, now that I think about it I haven't made a lot of questions, but if you have anything to say just write it. I'm always glad to listen, but don't mistake me with your personal free therapist. I'm just like you, but at the same time different. Why me of all people different, you ask? It's only because I see the world like not very much people would dare to see it, like an immense abyss. Or maybe just because I'm optimistic. Who knows? But I'm telling this to you again, if you have a problem that you don't want anyone to know, than you can openly tell me. I don't know who you are and frankly speaking I don't care, so I don't have a reason why tell your problem and who should I tell to. Just send me a private message, or review, it doesn't matter. Ah and if you ask yourself why am I doing something this, I'll tell you this: "there are things that don't need a reason to be done, you just go there and do it." Same for me, ah, and partly because I'm bored. Just kidding. :D

Thanks for reading! :D "Something we long for" ends here, but I'll continue publishing others no worries.

See you late, alligator!