The Day Before

It's cold now, but I suppose that how it's been for a while. And dark too. Yeah, not a lot of light makes it in here. It smells like damp. Not disinfectant. It doesn't burn up your nostrils. But it's unpleasant. Really unpleasant. Like those old houses. It's uncared for. We haven't been here for long though. Only a few hours or that. I wouldn't be so sure though. I've been awake the whole time. Im guessing i slept for an hour or two but they woke me again. Now i'm not tired or maybe it's my body telling me to keep out of anymore danger. I have to keep watch though, I know that myself. He's been out this whole time. Just lying there, but I can help him. Everytime I try, it just seers pain. My arm, there's gash, just below the elbow. It's stopped bleeding but it hurts. It's probably broken. But it's not my arm I should be worrying about. It's him. Is he okay? Is he injured? Is he even alive? I know he's lying somewhere. But the sun, it set a while back. There's moon light, but that's only through the window up there. It's tiny. Only shinning on the roof. But it doesn't help me down here.

I can hear them. Outside. Walking. Running. Trying to be quiet, but I can hear them. They've past by us a few times now. Each time my stomach twist again. Will this be the time we're caught? Is it me they want? Do they even know who we are, or did they just attack us anyway?

I don't think he'll be waking up anytime soon. He's only's just the fact that I don't know why he is that's bothering me. What happened to him? He just fell over. I'm hardly the picture of health myself. I can hear him breathing. Basically the only thing that's keeping me sane is hearing it...better make sure I never say that out loud. And especially to his face and ruin our friendship forever.

He moved.

He groaned.

Beside me.

He's awake.