The Delusional Magician

"It's just a trick – he ain't gonna walk on air,"
But the only thing we could do was stare;
As the magician stood atop the twelve floors
Bringing people to watch him straight from their front doors

He was a street magician – never gone wrong
But little people knew, since all along
He'd been messing with their eyes and playing with their minds
Too many tricks, so many kinds.

Standing closer to the edge, he examined the crowd;
Looking us over, he shouted so loud
"Welcome, my fans, welcome to all!
Thank you for taking a part in my act, are you ready to see me survive this fall?"

Of course he would think he could survive the drop,
Foolish he was, surely he would die right in front of the florist's shop!
I can tell you his smile could be seen for a mile during this verse
But were I him, I would have planned a funeral and rented a hearse

"Thank you all, once again!" he said,
One would bet he was sick in the head;
Because the next thing that happened astonished us all –
He walked in a line, and then straight off the wall!

For a split second, you could see it in his eyes
He knew he'd cash in this trip – it wasn't a surprise.
Maybe it was the weight of his ego that pulled him down,
Or perhaps it was a defective harness that sent him crashing to the ground.

His final thanks was left unsaid;
It didn't take time for the word to be spread
His fans – how they were filled with dread!
Knowing that Criss Angel, the mind freak, is now dead.