This is not a tale of bravery, or of fantastic adventures, and while there is a fierce battle, this is not one of the action stories. This is just a story about my life as an invisible high school student. My name is Patricia Clarkson, but I'm called Patty by anyone who takes time to talk to me. I really hate nicknames. Except Peaches. My grandpa called me Peaches, and I grew attached. When he died last year... I'm getting off topic.

First Day of School:

Do you know that moment when the halls are crowded with faces, some new to you, some well known? Do you know the feeling of seeing friends after being kept apart by busy summer schedules? Do you know the parade of new clothes, shoes, hair, and faces as girls dress their best in new clothes hoping to impress both friends and boys. Guys show off their new kicks and who they hooked up with over the summer. The loudest sound is the squeals and laughter of giggling girls as they catch up on gossip.

I was distanced from this world of giggling girls and boys . I stood in my own little universe in my beaten up Chuck Taylor's. My favorite graphic tee was covered by a faded button down denim long sleeve shirt. I wore black skinny jeans that showed off my legs. That's one good thing about being a runner, I have nice legs. I had no makeup on. There is just no one I want to impress. My hair was pulled back in a ponytail, and I was clutching my backpack straps against my shoulders.

At the threshold, I felt scared to enter this new world. I could hear Amanda telling me to suck it up and jump headfirst into it. Without her here I felt very small and weak. We had always been together, since first grade. She was my best friend, but she moved to florida in the summer. "Peaches, come on, don't cry. We'll text and email and chat on Facebook. Come on this isn't goodbye. But promise me that when I comeback in the winter to visit you'll have at least tried to make friends. I love you."

Remembering her last words said to me before she left, I took a deep breath and stepped over the doorframe. Amanda I don't think I'm in my world anymore.