Hey there! This is my first slash story. I don't pretend to be great at writing; it's just something I like to do. It's not graphic, there are more chapters to come so please read, review and most importantly enjoy!


Silence my love

Chapter One - Mooresville

I've been sitting here for a while, gazing out of the large window at the vast gardens that surround Mooresville house. Winter is always a particularly depressing time here. The plants are sombre, the benches are cold and the ground is a minefield with the harsh ice that covers it. Many here moan about how their family doesn't come to see them anymore, others are only too delighted to tell everyone about how their dear old folks are coming to spend Christmas with them. I gave up feeling excited about Christmas a long time ago. My folks never come. I spend Christmas in the company of my new family – the residents of Mooresville Residential Home for the disabled.

The turnover rate for residents here is high. Some leave for pastures new and others leave to explore a more… spiritual part of themselves, if you catch my drift… However, like all institutions there are some long term residents, who stick it out through thick and thin and eventually establish a life for themselves in the confines of someone else's rules.

I however, don't bend or break to anyone's rules. I am my own man. I am Karl Runnings. It's an ironic name if you think about it, I can't even walk let alone run; and yet it suits me perfectly because what my body can't do my mind certainly makes up for. I'm the youngest resident here, at nineteen years old. I've been here for sixth months ever since my mother married again and moved to New Zealand with her new beau.

I would describe myself as reclusive, bitter and terribly difficult to please. I'm mad at the world for causing me to be this way. I have so many dreams, some eccentric and others just pure genius yet I will never complete any of them now I am bound to the confines of this place.

Ok, maybe I am being a bit harsh. It's not that Mooresville doesn't provide everything you could possibly need - it's just that I want more. I soon realised that here the only thing to look forward to was our Saturday outing to the local park or cinema. I once suggested that we go to a bar and was banned from watching the football match the next day because of my 'inappropriate behaviour'.

Well they can shove it because I know that in a few months I will be rid of this place for good and then we shall see who is acting inappropriately.

"Hey Karl" Elvin says, stumbling into the armchair next to me. "You being all depressing again?"

"It's not depressing, it's observation" I correct him sharply.

"Sorry," He says sincerely. I sigh. It's not his fault, I should really be nicer to him, he's made such an effort to befriend me in here. "You being all observatory then?" He chuckles.

"Yeah" I say finally. "What are you doing?" I question, turning my chair around to face him.

"Oh, I'm knitting" He smiles happily and continues to pass the needles through the wool in his hands.

"Why are you knitting?"

"Because Mayleen said that I can't watch telly until five" he points to the clock on the wall.

"Five?" I question again.

"Yeah," He fumbles with the wool a little bit. All he is making is a giant knot which he will then ask me to unravel later. "God, I'm not very good at this!" He moans and slams the wool on the floor.

"You just need to practise" I encourage.

He looks up with a face full of defeat and confusion. Whoever thought it would be a good idea to give Elvin a ball of wool and knitting needles is personally on my hit list.

I sigh "Pick the wool up again" I instruct.

He does. He always does.

"Now," I move closer to him. "Take that needle and put it through there," I glare at where he needs to put it. He's used to my eye movements. "There, you got it!" I cheer slightly.

"Oh yeah!" He smiles goofily. "In your face Mayleen!" He shouts in the direction of her office. She's the residential coordinator here - So basically the boss of us.

"Sshh!" I scold. "Do you wanna watch telly or not!"

He nods apologetically. "Sorry" He looks at the rows or knitting he completed and smiles again. "My mum used to knit, I always wanted to do it but she told me that you had to be smart to knit…"

I look at him deeply. His eyes are a perfect shade of ocean blue. I've noticed them glisten in the sun before, it's magical. He's two years older than me yet he has the mental age of a ten year old, on his best days. He has Cerebral Palsy. He can't use the left side of his body as well as the right but can still walk. Sometimes I curse his for that ability. I have Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. My muscles are fading away slowly and now that I am nineteen I only have a few more years.

"I'm going outside for a bit, you want to come?" I ask, turning on my wheelchair and moving past the mass of chairs in front of me.

"No, it's cold outside" He shakes his head. "Mayleen says that we're not allowed out when it's cold"

"What are you, Mayleen's rule book?" I joke, but he doesn't understand. "Forget it, I'll go with Mark" I move away, out of the door and into the staff area.

"Hey Karl!" Carolynn greets me with a kiss. She's one of the carers here. She's kind and fun -snuck me out a few times because I wanted to go to various parties in town.

"Hey Carolynn" I embrace her hug. "Is Mark around?"

"Um…" She looks around the room, various members of staff are making cups of tea or coffee, and lounging on sofas until their shift starts of ends. "Don't think he's in yet," She finally answers. "Anything I can help you with?" She smiles.

I consider telling her that I'm fine but then I look back into the living area and decide that a walk is definitely what I need.

"Yeah, wanna go for a walk in the gardens?" I ask.

"Oh, um I'm on shift in ten minutes…" She looks around the room nervously. "But I suppose I can go out for a little bit" She smiles and I return it.

We walk along the winding paths that lead from the doors of the house to a water fountain situated at the mid-point of the gardens. Usually, they are kept in peak condition, Mayleen insists on it, to create a peaceful environment. But at the moment they are flagging a bit due to the gardener leaving suddenly because his wife had a baby.

"Carolynn, can I ask you something?" I pipe up.

"Yeah course" She looks at me but I keep my eyes straight ahead.

"Do you believe that someone like me could be loved?"

She stops and turns her whole body towards me. I don't want to look up but I know that is the only way I can see what is going through her mind.

I direct my eyes to meet hers but they are unusually blank. She's just staring at me. Like a gormless cat. After a few seconds silence she sighs. I feel relief course through my bloodstream.

"That question doesn't sound like it came from the lips of the Karl I know" She states.

I knew I shouldn't have asked her. I should have just kept my mouth shut about my longings.

"But," She starts again. I pause mentally, ready to listen to what she has to say. "It doesn't make it any less of a valid question"

"I shouldn't have asked" I admit.

"No, you should have, I'm glad you did! More people around here should ask the hard questions no one wants to answer"

And that's why I love Carolynn. She's so in touch with the world outside of Mooresville. She knows what people want to say but don't have the guts to and she fights for the right for everyone to be heard. She is respectful of truthful people, especially the ones that are honest with themselves.

"So," I prompt.

"So, I think that people like you do have a chance at finding love"

I exhale in relief.

"That is if they like the arrogant, angry, yet sensitive at times type" She smiles and nudges my arm playfully.

"Oi!" I pretend to be mad.

She runs away from me, into the bushes where she knows I can't find her.

"I'm coming you bitch!" I shout and laugh.

I move closer to the bushes at the edge of the wall that separate Mooresville from the building next door, and I can hear rustling.

I know that she knows I'm here because of the sound of the battery in my wheelchair. I hear the rustling again but this time it's coming from behind, I assume she is circling around the mass of bushes to confuse me, but I've played this game before.

I move slower to reduce the sound of my battery. I plan to get onto the grass, that way she won't be able to hear me so well and I can surprise her from the other direction. As I move away from the path the rustling goes into the other direction. I've got her now. I look behind me just to check but when I swing my chair back around Carolynn's arms are flung around me suddenly.

"Got you," She laughs and pants. "You really need to practise this Karl" She jokes. "You could do it with Elvin"

"Not a chance, he only does things that are approved by Her Royal Highness, Princess Mayleen!" I say sarcastically.

"Wow, I was really accurate with my advertisement for you" She stands back a bit and looks at me with that 'I can see right through you' look.

"What advertisement?" I ask.

She winks at me and sticks her tongue out. "Well you wanted the love of a good man…"

I smile in defeat. Maybe that wouldn't be such a bad idea.