Silence, Dawn Child

CHAPTER4: The First Signs of Love

"You may open your eyes Yamka." Chaitra told me, and I did so. What I held in my hands was a thin deer skin dress that went to my upper thighs and had blue beads stringed around the waist. Near the breasts were strings of light blue leather and the dress was put on by two strips of cloth that I tied together on my neck. I put it on and I ran my hands over the soft material and beamed at Chaitra, who was quickly becoming my best friend. I thanked her mentally and she smiled. "I'm glad to hear you like your new dress and that you are warming up to me so quickly." She replied. I sat down and pulled on my short boots that looked like the dress, with the same strings of light blue leather on the top and a string of light blue beads wrapping around the middle. I looked outside; the sun was descending from its high point in the sky, meaning I had about six hours to live for this day.

"Ah I see, you do not have much longer to remain with us today do you?" Chaitra asked me. I shook my head lightly. I looked up at her- she was actually very tall for a fairy, all the ones I've seen were much shorter than me but many years older- and hugged her. She hugged me back and led me out of the room I was in and back to the main hut with the chieftain and his son. They and the hut attendants looked at us with awe, and then looked at me with wonder. I blushed, taking a peek at my still glowing hair and I ran a hand along my clean arm. "You clean up nicely, Uelanuhi. Come come, let my son Bhanu show you the village you now live in." Dhiren said, giving Bhanu a gentle push towards me. Bhanu was also tall, and I gazed into his misty blue eyes with wonder. Then I looked down, inwardly scolding myself. What was I doing? I couldn't develop feelings for another; I can never get attached to a man, never! I felt a warm, muscled and gentle hand pull my chin up and I once again gazed into the eyes of Bhanu. He was blushing lightly, and I looked to the left.

"Come then, let's do as my father asked." He said, releasing my chin and taking my hand. I looked back at Chaitra, feeling uncertain if I should leave her, but she nodded and made a shoo motion with her hands. I felt a sharp tug and I skipped a bit to catch up with Bhanu and loosen the tension between his hand and my arm. I was led out of the hut and into the sunlight, and I inhaled deeply, glowing as I gained strength from the sun. "It's very nice out here in the spring, Uelanuhi. I am glad to be able to show you the beauty of this land we call home." Bhanu spoke. I smiled lightly and nodded. We passed a few farms and Bhanu introduced me to everyone we met along his guiding. I became comfortable, happy even with where I was- how things were turning out so far. True, I was going to be silent until I well into womanhood and I was never going to be able to be happy in life as I was alone and couldn't bear children with a normal man. Yet, for now I was content. I wasn't anticipating the pains of the future; I was more focused on enjoying the happiness of now.

The day passed on nicely, I was quite impressed by how pretty the seaside village was and how friendly the people were. Bhanu led me to a large tree a little more than an hour before sundown. He let me go and began to climb up, while I remained on the ground, watching him. He looked down at me and chuckled, waving his hand towards him. "Come and climb with me, this tree has something very special to show us." He said. I blushed- I have been doing that a lot today- and climbed up the large and flowery tree after Bhanu. We sat in the heart of the tree, and Bhanu pulled me close to him. We were alone, the people around this area having already left to prepare for the chieftain's party. I looked up at Bhanu, silently asking him what we were doing. His fairy glow wrapped around the both of us, and he rested his head on mine. "Look there Uelanuhi. Do you see how the sun kisses the earth at this angle? How everything lights up as though lit by ethereal fire?" he asked. I looked where he was and I inhaled again, it was certainly pretty, and I nodded. "Yamka. Are you a sun child? Mother told me in my mind, and I wanted to ask you alone." He asked me. I was still, should I tell him? He was part human after all, and I wasn't to tell regular humans, no matter how ethereal they seemed. But his mother would tell him anyway, and she was a full fairy, so what could it hurt? I gave a curt nod.

Bhanu pulled away and titled my face to his again. "So you will die today?" he asked me. I nodded and he suddenly grew very solemn. "Oh, I will miss you then, Yamka. Is it ok for me to call you that for now?" he asked. I titled my head to the left and nodded. Chaitra said he could see into the mind too, right? I tried to tell him I would revive in the morning, but the sun set and I pulsed, falling forward with a gasp. Bhanu caught me and carefully set my body in some branches. I looked at him with dulling eyes and I saw him lean forwards, pressing his lips ever so softly upon mine. I widened my faded fiery eyes and then they closed with death and relaxation. What would become of me in the morning?

*Note: Yamka is the girl's birth name she got when she was born in her original Hopi village, but she changes it with each village she goes to. So technically she's both Yamka and Uelanuhi.