Dustin reached for the piece inside the tree. But some of the black ooze coming out of the floor formed themselves into tendrils and reached out for him. They coiled around his arms and neck, and pulled the dreamer away from the dead tree.

Dustin fought to get himself free, but The Glutton's grip was much too strong. Then, the thing in the shadows crawled forward.

It looked like an enormous black blob. What looked like human skulls were floating around inside the blob, some of them appearing to be smiling at the dreaming one. The giant blob crawled across the floor, leaving long trails of slime along the floor. Some more tentacles formed out of the blob and bits of the black ooze coming out of the floor fused with the giant thing, making it even larger.

"The Glutton," Dustin hissed, still struggling to free himself from the tendrils. "I see you've come to finally absorb and consume me."

"Yes," The Gravedigger's voice suddenly hissed out of the shadows. "I helped The Glutton find your exact location. Now…little dreamer, you will die! Nightmares will reign, all allying themselves with The Glutton!"

"The Glutton is weak," Dustin snarled back. "This is his last piece. His influence on the other dreams has left."

"Dreams can be re-corrupted," The Gravedigger said. "More pieces can be created. You have only delayed the inevitable, dreamer, not stopped it! All your efforts, over those long twenty years, have been in vain. You couldn't change anything, you couldn't hope to even awaken from your coma! And now…you will die in your sleep. Alone."

The Glutton crawled forward, making disgusting noises that sounded like someone mixing slime with a spoon. The tentacles pushed Dustin forward, intending to throw him into the mass of the nightmare blob.

But suddenly, the dreaming one saw a flash of light in the corner of his eye. In grew brighter and brighter, and then, the tentacles released him. The Glutton withdrew slightly, seeming afraid of the bright light.

The dreamer didn't waste his opportunity. He concentrated and a massive flamethrower appeared in his hands. He knew that bullets and melee weapons would have no effect on The Glutton. It would just reform its body after being injured. But flames would burn it, leaving it unable to reform itself.

Dustin raised the flamethrower, and fired a blast of fire at the blob of black slime. The Glutton made a shrieking noise as the flames hit it, and it began to back away from the hot flames. Pieces of its body burned off, hitting the floor and sizzling away.

"Damn you, Reality!" The Gravedigger screamed from the shadows. "DAMN YOU! You will NOT save him again! This is our world! YOUR ARE ALIEN! YOU ARE A BLIGHT ON THE DREAM WORLD! WE REIGN SURPREME! WE RULE, WE CONQUER, WE CORRUPT!"

Abruptly, the light faded away, almost seeming to be swallowed up by the darkness. The huge hole was suddenly ripped in the floor, and a giant slime tentacles burst out of it. It wrapped around the flamethrower Dustin was holding and yanked it from his grasp. The dreamer ran after it, trying to grab the flamethrower back, but another tentacle tore through the floor and swung forward, hitting the man in the face and knocking him backwards.

The tentacle holding the flamethrower flung the weapon into The Glutton's gigantic mass. The weapon sank into the blob monster, and as Dustin watched, it melted away inside the nightmare, as if it was inside a massive tube of acid.

The Glutton crawled forward towards the dreamer, who was trying to get up off the floor. Smaller tentacles grabbed his arms, forcing him back down. The Gravedigger laughed in triumph, his voice echoing around the room.

"DIE!" The Gravedigger roared. "Let your skin melt away, as you feel The Glutton ooze into your mind, burning it into nothingness! Let your final thoughts be that of terror, as you acknowledge the futility of your purpose! You are NOTHING before The Glutton! You are a stepping stone, barely worth are! You the speck that others step on, you are an insignificant piece of SLIME! Die, die, DIE!"

"No today," Dustin hissed. The Glutton was almost on top of him, about to crawl over him and absorb him into itself. But the dreamer pulled with all his might and ripped his arms free of the tendrils. He sat up, and ran past The Glutton, more tentacles trying to grab him, but all missing.

The dreaming one ran up to the tree. He placed his hand inside it, reaching forward, his fingers touching the piece. He turned and saw The Glutton oozing toward him. A skull dropping out of its body, covering it squirming black slime. Dustin touched the piece, and grabbed it.

He then saw ooze coming out of the tree, dripping down towards Dustin. The dreaming one ignored and pulled the piece forward. At last, he managed to pull it out of the tree hole and turned around, facing The Glutton.

The Glutton loomed over him, a gigantic blob of mindless hunger and evil. It made gurgling noises, its many tentacles all reaching for Dustin, to pull him into itself.

Dustin smiled. Then he laughed.

"Face it," Dustin whispered. "You lose, monster."

He then raised the piece above his head and threw it against the dead tree with all his might. The piece smashed into thousands of shards, and there was a horrible wail from The Glutton.

The Glutton bubbled, and crawled back. Smoke came out of its tentacles, and they all melted into the floor, turning into pools of bubbling liquid. Pieces of The Glutton fell off it, all of them burning away. The monster blob grew smaller and smaller, making horrible noises. Huge bubbles form inside The Glutton, and then exploded, destroying more parts of the beast.

Smaller and smaller, The Glutton shrank, until it was nothing more then a tiny little black dot wriggling along the floor. Dustin walked over, and looked down at the tiny thing.

"I'm an insect, huh?" The dreamer said, raising his foot. "You must be an atom then."

With that, Dustin slammed his foot down on the little squirming dot. There was a tiny shriek from underneath his shoe, and then silence. The dreaming one scraped his foot along the floor, and looked at the darkness.

"Gravedigger, you still there?" He called out. "Huh? If I were you, I would run. Run far away, and hide. Hide forever. I just killed the most powerful nightmare to ever exist. I'm fairly sure I could kill an annoying voice as well."

There was silence. Dustin smiled.

Then, he heard a loud voice calling out in the darkness. It wasn't The Gravedigger. It was a woman's voice.

"Doctor?" She called. "Someone get the doctor! I think…I think he's waking up!"

Dustin looked down at himself, and suddenly saw his clothes had changed. He was now wearing a white hospital gown. The world began to dissolve around him, and he was pulled upwards.

"Go, dreamer," Reality said in the void. "Wake up."

Dustin flew up and up, until he saw a light. A pleasant light. So beautiful, so…real.

"Oh my god…" A man's voice said. "Can you here me, sir? Your in a hospital. You've been in a coma for ten years."

The dreamer reached out to the light. His fingers touched it, and he whispered out, "I can here you."