FirePrince: Hey, first time on FictionPress! Just a quick note, not all of my stories will be this sad, I just got this idea out of nowhere and I had to. Enjoy, I guess.


Do not fear young one

for you will stay together

even after death.

You sit on death row

yet you didn't do any wrong

you rescued many lives.

Do not cry young one

be with him for your last time

before you pass on.

Rest there in his arms

your last moments together

before God takes you.

Go with the person

as he leads you to your death

go there quietly.

There there little one

he will be with you very soon

your innocent love.

Say good-bye to him

they are going to lead you

taking you from him.

The needle goes in

do not flinch at the needle

do not show weakness.

The light turns to dark

as the life flees your body

your heart slowly stops.

The angel descends

to guide your soul to heaven

away from the Earth.

Say good-bye once more

whisper your farewell to him

as your spirit leaves.

Wait for him up there

he will meet you in heaven

together always.