Who Am I?

I'm the girl,

Who's days are dark and dreary,

However, I smile happily

Your very own ray of sunshine

But on the inside,

I cry and weep,

Hurting and in pain,

Hoping some one will notice.

I'm the girl,

Who get's dumped

But is friends with the ex

And soothes the broken hearts he leaves behind

I'll smile through tears

And say I'm alright

And yet, I'm broken and devastated

With no support to hold me up

I'm the girl

Who is surrounded

By amazing people

Compared to their brightness

I am but a mirror, redirecting their light

I'm the girl, who is the supporting role

Who never get's the boy

Yet I never complain,

While nodding numbly at the rejection

I'm the girl

Who, everyday, dies

A little bit on the inside

Wilting and fading in color

With every hope

And dream dashed

What can I live for?