I see through your mask.

The mask you wear so well.

You can hide your emotions from others.

Not me.

I see the wall you're putting up.

The wall of self defense.

The wall you hope no one will bombard.

I see through that wall.

You're lying to yourself.

Telling yourself you're alright.

You're not alright.

Quit lying to yourself.

You tell others you're alright.

You lie to others until you're lying to yourself.

You need to be better.

Quit lying to yourself.

You're hiding your emotions.

You're hiding them relatively well.

You don't have to hide them around me.

I understand.

I like the way it feels, too.

I wear long sleeves all the time, too.

I'm addicted to it, too.

You're not alone here.

I've accepted the fact that I'm not okay.

You need to accept the fact that you're not okay.

I don't lie to myself.

Quit lying to yourself.

Accept the fact that you're not okay.

Sometimes it's fine to be not okay.

You don't have to be okay all the time.

You don't have to try so hard.

Listen to yourself.

Look at yourself.

Who are you?

What have you done to yourself?

Be yourself.

Love who you are.

Love everything about you.

Love ruining yourself. It saves you.