She walks down the street, in the pouring rain.

This way, no one will notice she's crying.

Others won't take a second glance, not noticing she's hurt.

I notice.

Others would think it's just another rain drop weaving down her face.

I can see.

I can see her eyes, slightly puffy, and red.

I notice.

She rubs her hands, as if they're in pain.

I can see through her mask.

Others would think she's just cold, and warming her hands.

I notice.

I wonder where she's running off to.

She's running from something.

Why is she hurting so badly?

I notice.

She finally escapes my sight.

I begin to make my way home.

A single tear rolls down my cheek.

No one notices.

I unlock my door.

I step inside, maneuvering to the special cabinet.

I reach inside the cabinet, and pull out the shiny object.

I slowly put the gun to my head, and pull the trigger.

I only had one wish.

I wish someone would have noticed.