"He is so hot," my friend Taylor said as she sat down at my lunch table. Taylor has been my best friend since kindergarten after we worked together to get each other across the monkey bars. The perfect team.

"Who?" I asked, looking around us. She nodded her head towards the table across from us. I turned around to see Bryce Chance. Dark brown wavy hair, green eyes, tan, tall, and rock hard abs. Strong, muscular, pretty smart, star quarter back on the football team, hot, and don't forget a player. "Bryce? Really Tay? He is the biggest player in the school."

"So? He is super fine, popular, and star quarterback. You're crazy not to want him!" I sighed and rolled my eyes and stabbed my fork into my salad.

"You're the crazy one. He flirts with all of the girls-"

"Not us!"

"He only dates popular girls-"

"We're popular." I gave Taylor a look. "Okay, not as much as the cheerleaders."

"He doesn't even know you. Oh and don't forget he has a girlfriend. Candy Lynn."

"Ugh, I can't stand her," Taylor rolled her eyes. Candy Lynn was the cheer captain and the most popular girl in our school. Although pretty with long black hair, green eyes, tan, and basically the rest of the popular girl package. But don't forget the snob part.

"I know Tay. But hey, we are the star volleyball players." I elbowed her and gave her a wink. She let out a sigh with a small smile.

"Yeahh, but I still want him." I just rolled my eyes, smiled, and turned back to my food. Taylor kept staring at me, no studying me.

"What?" I asked with a mouthful of salad in my mouth.

"You…you could date Bryce." My jaw dropped.

"What? Are you crazy? There is no way that Bryce would want me, and I really don't want him." She kept studying my face and then slowly nodded her head.

"Yeah, you could date him. Your definitely pretty enough and popular. And you know exactly how to get a guy. Heck, Caitlin, you're a player yourself. You could have any guy in this school, but you choose not too and you just flirt with them. No offense. If you wanted him, you could probably have him."

Pretty and popular. I wanted to laugh. If she was calling my blonde hair, blue eyes, long eyelashes, light pink lips, and my short self pretty, she was crazy. I mean I did wear make up but its not like it did that much. And popular? Eh, its because I'm good at sports and that's pretty much the only reason. Now the player part. She was right. I was quite the player/flirt, but that really doesn't bother me.

"There are three reasons why I would not date Bryce Chance. One, he has a girlfriend. And its Candy at that. Two, he is a player. Three, I don't want him," I said. "Oh and by the way I'm not popular."

"Well, you dated his best friend. You and I both know that THAT was hard enough, but you got him. The second most popular guy in the school. Plus everybody loves you and likes to hang around you! Which makes you popular," she waved her fork in the air as she said this. "Why not Bryce? Listen, just think about it before totally rejecting the idea. I mean didn't you say the other day that you needed another guy to flirt with? Well, here is your guy." Maybe she is right. I could go after Bryce. But then what? He has a girlfriend and he already flirts with a ton of girls. If I'm going to do this, I'm going to have to make myself special.

"Ok, Tay, I'll think about it." Taylor gave me a big smile.

"Great! That means after you get Bryce, you can hook me up with one of his hot friends." We both laughed and stood up to dump our trays.

As we walked past Bryce's table, Bryce looked up at me. His green eyes locked with my blue ones for a moment. I went to look away, but then he winked. He winked! I wanted to laugh! This guy really thought he was all that! I scoffed and rolled my eyes with a laughing smile. Bryce didn't seem too happy with my reaction as I walked away. I'll play cocky right now, but not too cocky. Oh yeah, I have a plan. And I will get this player.

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