The man across the bar, he thinks I'm beautiful. The woman sitting next to him, is his wife. She is envious of me. She wishes her husband would look at her the way he looks at me. He never will, he loves his wife...but tonight he will be mine.

He will be my lover, he will be my pleasure, and he will be my food. His wife will never see him again, but he doesn't know that. He doesn't know anything. All he does is see.

He sees my long red hair and my piercing green eyes. He thinks I'm just like him. He thinks I'm human. As my green eyes meet his, his mouth drapes open. I nodd to him and he understands. He kisses his wife before he comes to me.

" You are very beautiful." Something that isn't news to me. Its what they all say. I nodd to him and turn around. I don't have to tell him to follow. He does that on his own. They always do.

" You're perfect" He tells me as his body thrusts into mine. I don't speak, I don't do anything. It isn't time, not yet. " Ohh, oh I'm so close." He cries and I flip him underneath me. Now it's my turn. I ride him, faster and faster until he's moaning, almost screaming. I can feel my climax coming, his isn't far behind.

His hands grab my hips as he guides me how he needs me. I rotate myself and its just what I need. As I come he thrusts himself up into me, it's not long before he's coming too. He comes and I feed, I take his pleasure, I take his energy, and I take his life. There's nothing left but an empty shell when I'm done. I am a monster. And my name is Lillian.