After I take care of the body I go into the small hotel bathroom and I clean myself up. I take out my green contacts so I can wash my blue eyes. I don't have any vision problems but if I didn't wear my contacts people would know I was different. They would know I wasn't human. All the humans have green eyes.

I am not human. I never have been. I have been lied to my entire life by people who claimed to be my parents but weren't. I don't know where my real parents are. I know that they are alive because if they weren't then I wouldn't be either. That's how it works when you're a succubus.

My mother is a succubus and my father is an incubus. He was born as a human but when he met my mother and wasn't killed he became just like her. Living on the life force of humans. Taking it through sex. We are beautiful, but we are deadly.

I replace my old contacts with new and I climb into the shower. I always feel dirty after a feeding. There's no blood shed, and I'm incapable of disease, but I still feel dirty. I am a killer, not by choice but its what I need to do to survive. Someday I will find the one who will help me through this. My mate, my incubus.

The next night I go to a different bar. I never go to the same one two nights in a row, people would get suspicious. As I walk to the door I am stopped by the bouncer. " ID please." He says gruffly. I don't have my ID, I'm only 18 I don't belong in a bar. I grab his hand with my own and I look into his eyes. " You know that I am old enough darling, Just let it slide this time please." I say with a smile and relax as I see my compulsion take over.

" Go on ahead miss." He says in a daze. As I walk into the bar I look around for my next meal. Not seeing anything at first I take a seat at the bar and order some water. I can't drink, it makes me sick. Part of the whole 'not being human' thing. I sit there for about 10 minutes when i notice someone sitting next to me.

It's a man, but hardly. He's very young, and he's very good looking. Usually I don't go for the young men because they have thier whole lives ahead of them. But there was just something about this one, with his jet black hair cut neatly short and his green eyes. All the humans had them but his were exquisite.

He must have noticed that I was staring at him. " Hello miss." He said with a voice as smooth as velvet, it gave me chills. I didn't understand because he is human he shouldn't have that affect on me. " Hello yourself." I said with a smile.

We talked for about two hours about everything and anything. The things he told me were true where as what I told him were lies. But the connection was so strong that when he asked me to dance I didn't even hesitate. I'm not a dancer, but with him I just glided across the floor. It wasn't long before the soft slow music changed to a more upbeat song, meant for close dancing.

I turned around and pressed my back against his front. As I let my body sway to the music I wrapped his arms tightly around myself. I could tell he was having just as much fun as I was by the very present buldge against my back. He was taller than me which I liked. He was about 6'1" compared to my 5'8". I was tall for a girl but I didn't mind.

I couldn't take the dancing anymore. I turned around and I pressed my lips to him. There was no hesitation when I swept my tongue across his lips, he opened them immediately. I had initiated the kiss but it was him that made my knees weak. I felt as though he was climbing into my body through my mouth and I liked it.

It wasn't long before I broke the kiss and asked him to come home with me. He accepted of course. But part of me was afraid of what would happen. I was hungry and I needed to feed but I actually liked this guy. I was fighting an internal battle with my humanity and it was winning. I might very well be going without food tonight.