A Material Identity

By Graham L. Wilson

Written in gedit 3.0.6 on Fedora 15.

Copyright (c) 2012 Graham Wilson.

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts. A copy of the license is included at this link: see my profile page.

Note: yes, more anime (see Onward to Adulthood). My personal reaction to the off-key ending from Evangelion.

They say that these,

Are the questions that,

We have all always asked.

Yet, when I hear them,

They seem so hollow.

The answers are not distant,

They flash before my eyes.

Who am I?

I am me.

This is not a hollow reply.

My identity is what I say.

I define myself, by myself.

All based on observation.

My material form is me,

Therefore that which I see,

Is what is really me.

There is no soul,

There is nothing else,

We are what we are,

Is reality not enough?

We are not lessened,

By our existence.

Embrace our reality.

There is no shame,

In being an organic machine,

Flesh, blood, bone,

But most of all a brain.

We are a mental imprint.

That is what makes us, us.

Is that not our real soul?

Not some ineffable ether,

But flesh, blood, thought?

What is wrong with reality?

Why do people need,

And demand more?

Who needs spirits?

Let us see beyond ghosts.

They want an after-life,

But they do not really see.

Such would be an oxymoron.

Without death, there is no life.

They are defining opposites.

For both we should be grateful.

If someone is injured,

If their mind is changed,

Where is their soul then?

Is the body merely a conduit then?

In which case, why wait for death?

Why not correct the error?

And rush them to their heaven?

Why not just kill ourselves now?

Somehow, I doubt they truly believe.

I do not maintain such a pretense,

I believe in life, I trust in death.

There is no contradiction in my mind,

I am me, and I will die, vanish away.

My later lack defines my being now.

Time is an axis, like the space around us.

I will always exist, in this era now,

This slit in space and time,

Forever, and never, and now,

And past, and future.

I trust in myself,

I know who I am.

Therefore, I trust in others,

I know that they exist.

I understand how, and why.

Still, communication stalls,

I can not reach some people.

Perhaps, it is because they,

Do not understand themselves.

I know I am not them though,

So I know how to go on,

I know what my meaning is.

It is not imposed from outside,

By god or nature, or anyone.

My meaning is my own,

It is what I choose it to be.

I am a creator,

I shape the earth,

I raise new life,

I inscribe text,

I input computer code.

That is my purpose,

That is my meaning.

I am happy with that.

Why then, do others not see?

Why do they ask: who am I?

Why do the keep on asking: why?

And why then do I see,

When they do not seem too?

Why am I satisfied with reality?

How come I do not demand more?

What perception is this?

Why are they not like me?

I do not need a god,

I do not need a soul,

I have my life,

I have my body,

I have my mind.

It is my own,

A lump of carbon,

A bag of water.

It is good enough.

It is not less,

It is equal,

Who needs an immortal soul?

Who needs someone else's purpose?

Take control of your own minds,

Allow yourselves to see.

Be at one with yourself,

Your form, your life, your death.

The meaning of life,

Your personal identity,

Is your's for the taking.

Observe yourself,

Understand our sources:

Evolution, psychology,

Genetics, memetics.

Science is our friend.

Humanity is not opposed,

To the rational mind.

Emotion is not an evil.

They are our guides.

They tell us when things,

Are well or wrong.

Embrace your thoughts,

Embrace your feelings,

Liberate your mind.

I am my materiel self,

All that exists,

Is what exists.

Take joy in our reality,

Embrace it, as it is you too.

We need no spirits, need no gods.

We shall overcome our doubts.

And then, when we understand,

We shall not fear change.

We shall track ourselves,

We shall take an interest.

All things change,

And change is all things.

It is good to change.

Embrace it, do not fight it.

We need no immortal beings,

We need no innate structure,

No holy texts, no commandments

We can stand on our own.

Liberate your mind,

And then perhaps,

We will understand,

You and I.

I want to know you,

As I know myself.

But first, others,

Must accept themselves,

Please, calm yourself,

Clear your head,

And find your truth.

March 10, 2012