Day 1: Sunday 11th of November. Heard today that some city in the US has been quarantined. Rumour has it that people are eating each other. Me and my mates just laughed and made jokes. Went to the pub and got drunk.

Day 2: Good god my head. Drank too much last night. Checked the news and there is nothing from the west coast of the us. China and India and other large populated countries are reporting the same thing, people rioting and eating each other. My house has decide to stock up on some food. Might have to stock up on other stuff to protected ourself.

Day 4: Mother of god, what the fuck is happening. Went to my lectures as normal and the fucking lecturer tried to kill and eat people. He looked dead. Pale skin and holes in his body. He was meant to be at Birmingham over the weekend. I barely made it out alive. Never thought there would be some zombies in Aberystwyth

Day 5: we have been planning on what to do when we got a message saying that there was a disaster and everyone need to make sure that their remained indoors and lock the doors. We decided to take it a step further and destroy our stairs. In my house there are six people. We live in a 3 story house, 2 bedrooms and kitchen on the bottom floor. 1st was toilets, bedroom and lounge. On the top floor was three bedrooms. After grabbing everything we could use from the bottom floor, we locked the doors, shut the gate, and destroyed the staircase. We then blocked all the windows so light couldn't escape and planned to shut ourself in for a week. We can hear the zombies moaning and people dieing.

Day 12: during the shut out I found a broom and a sharp knife and tied it to the end. I got rid of the boom end of course. I also got my laptop lap stand and make that into a shield. With a bit of practise I should be able to use the shield to keep zombies back and kill them with my spear. Tom, has decided to use a hammer. Garry has just a knife though hes helping around the house, making sure everything works. The three girls have decided to remain unarmed.

Day 15: two weeks after the first report in the news and we are still alive. Although we need more food. So yesterday me and Tom decide to leave to find food. We think the best place would be the small shop just down the road. We have no idea what was out there. So we grabbed our weapons and went outside. It was OK, we jumped out the window and went down the road to grab someone ladder to get back. We then went into the shop and after grabbing the tin food and other stuff we needed all hell broke lose. As we were leaving one of the old shop workers came out from the break room, she screamed and I had to... had to kill her. It was the first perso... zombie I had ever killed. The screaming caused zombies from the street to leave their houses and come for us. Though they were slow there was just so many of them, we got to our house though we still had to climb the ladder, my friend took the bag of food and went up. There was so many that if I went up I would have gotten bitten. For the next 4 hours I spent backed up in a corner using the shield to keep them at arms length and stabbing them in the head. I must of killed 50 or so zombies. I spent the night in my room alone, crying. I haven't eaten in two days.

Day 16: I write this from on top of my house. The boyfriend of Jane came to our house, and she begged us to save him and his friends. So we did. However one of them was bitten and that bastard didn't tell us. During the day I was up in my room taking a nap, when I heard screaming. Grabbing my weapons I went downstairs to find him eating Tom. The rest were bitten or dead. I killed the zombie and put down my friends. It was horrible I stabbed Jane though the eye, and chopped of the head of Garry. It killed me. Tomorrow I need to leave the house and check for other survivors If I remain alone then im likely to just cut my wrists.

Day 17: I searched the town today, not many people in town. The police station and the army base nearby seems to have a group each. Though they seem to be letting no one in. around both areas there are dead humans with gunshots wounds to the head. Its hard to tell which houses have people and which doesn't though the uni is very populated by both humans and zombies. Its scary, people are fighting block wars, each housing block is fighting each other for control of the uni. The worst faction is someone from cwrt marw, if people don't join them they simply find a way to let zombies in their block and let the zombies handle them. Anyone who survives they take the attractive women and strong guys and let them in. unless other people have useful skill they don't let them in and leave them to die. There are two other factions I like. One is holding up in the physic library as there is only one way in, and the other is holding up in a rosser block.

Day 20: been busy trying to scavenge food and equipment, spent the last few nights living on top of buildings. still living in my uni house, though im the only one there. The fighting up at the uni is getting worse. I'm trying to get the factions to unite but no one wants to give up their command. I have been able to get my hands on some fibre glass and some resins With this using my skills I learnt from my days doing a national diploma in manufacturing engineering, I have created some basic armour. I have it protecting my wrists, shins and neck for the moment, need to find more to cover my body, though I need to get in better shape to carry it. For the moment my equipment is, a shield I made from wood, three javelins I found at the local school, a bow and some arrows. A bag with a sleeping bag and some food and water in it. The spare javelins are in my bag, whilst the arrows are in the bag as well. The bow, is a short bow which I keep on my lower back. Getting better with it as I have been shooting zombies out of my window with it. Out of 20 shots I have killed 9, hit 6 and missed 5. not bad for someone who just started. The police station faction is starting to head into town, they seem to be, shoot first ask questions later. They pinned me down in the high street, had to hid in water-stones. I got lucky and the gunshots attracted some zombies so they ran. Someone with a pistol got bitten, so im now the owner of a SIG Sauer P226 with no ammo. It seems that Aberystwyth police station has some guns and they are using them. I have no idea what type of ammo it needs. The army base guys seem to be holding their ground. They seem to be starting up a farm and digging a well. They seem to be friendly as I was able to trade with them. I got the bag and sleep bag from them in return for given them some food. After being searched for bit wounds, they stripped me down, hosed me then got a nice attractive nurse to check my health. They allowed me to listen to the radio. It seems that the governments of the world have been destroyed. The queen and her family is holding up in Buckingham palace. The US has been dissolved and they now have gone back to states being countries. The whole world has gone to hell. They also showed me some pictures from a satellite. It seems like zombies are leaving the big city's and in mass heading outwards.

Day 30: at last the fighting up at the uni is nearly over. Everyone got fed up of the Cwrt Mwar block E group and has formed a Aber uni group. They are led be someone call John Black. They have asked me to help them fight, so I got a trading team, they gave the army base food and books on how to farm, and they are given guns and ammo and a guy to teach them how to use them. The army base has declared war on the police station guys as they kill two of their men. Found a new faction in town, though its disturbing Its pretty much a none stop orgy happening there. The leader, I don't know who he or she is, has said its their duty to fuck and repopulate the world. They also said that if they die soon, at least they die happy. I have seen things happen in there I have never seen online. Um the army base and I seem to be on good terms. The pistol I have they don't seem to have any ammo for it, though I have kept it just in case I find some or I can intimate people with it. Got my house fortification set up. There is only one way into the house, but lots of ways to get out. My friend Garry had plans to set up an exercise bike and use that the generate power. This means that in this town, im the only one not burning petrol for power. Might have to trade this knowledge for something.

Day 37: been called the lone ranger at the army base. Once I traded the knowledge of how to use the exercise bike for power, they gave me ammo for the pistol. They completely wiped out the police station force and took it as an outpost. Spending a night at their bar, the most of them seem to be people from the uni, not proper soldiers. The troops there has been training the students, to fight. In my bag, I now have five clips for the pistol. My archery skill have improved, iv been training when ever I can. Out of 20 shots I don't miss any, kill 15 and hit 5. up at the uni the battles are nearly over. I have been working for the aber uni faction, my bow is making short work of their people. Because it is silent, it isn't attracting any zombies. Their main weapon seems to be setting up sound generators and letting the zombies kill people. Iv taken a rosier building the other day. Lately these days just seem to be merging into one. I really only pay attention to weeks now. Need to get more sleep. The army base and the aber uni faction seem to be talking about a merge. The base will be the fighter and protectors whilst the uni will be the civvies They plan to build a wall around the city to protect it. I told them to build a wall at the sea-front as well but they don't see the point.

Day 42: the Cwrt Mwar group has doomed us all. They have attracted so many zombies that it is too dangerous to leave the house. The have a speaker system that have attracted zombies into the city. They turn it on at least trice a day which means more and more enter but none leave. The aber uni faction has been destroyed and the survivors are dead, zombies or living with the army base. Which by the way has become really militarised. They wont let me in, they took my gun and ammo, and has demanded that I join them. Luckily I got out but they still want me.

Day 44: Its Christmas day. For my gift I gave myself a book on how to create a katana.

Day 45: the whole world shock today as multiple power plants across the globe has exploded. Some of them nuclear. Using an old ham radio I got a message saying that most power planets exploded. I can see some ash in the cloud.

Day 49: Winter is coming. For once it has snowed in aber. Its getting colder but the zombies have frozen I have spent this time, working to build up my fortifications and scavenging food. Also whenever I see one I kill zombies. The army faction opened fire on me. Deciding wither it will be good to leave here.

Day 60: haven't been able to write in this diary for a while. Got ambushed by the army guys and they shot me in the arm twice and the leg. Had six gunshot wounds. I had to take a crash course in first aid. The cwrt mwar group is still trying to kill me, in the old aber uni wars I got the highest confirmed kills. They are the only group bar the army arses. The sex group got attacked by cwrt mwar group and they took all the pretty girls and the rest joined the army. My arm is fine but I seem to not be able to use my shield and my spear.

Day 70: well that's my house destroyed. The army arses didn't know were I lived, I kept it a secret from them. However the cwrt mwar group found were I lived and use 4 sound generators to attract zombies. The first 5 days it was fine, but then the army guys appeared. The second I saw them I grabbed my stuff and ran. Though I turned the gas on downstairs and lit a match on the second floor. Some of the army arses got in the house before it went boom. I kept the cars full of oil so they exploded taking out their Jeep Then I blew up the nearby petrol station. Boy were they pissed of with me. I have just cleared out the restaurant on top of constitution hill and have barricaded the doors and windows

Day 77: got the restaurant fortification up to full specks As its up the highest hill in the town I can see people as they come up the hill. Also with the scope I found, I can spy on the people in the town. I have decide to leave the town, though I need to decide were to go.

Day 84: Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday, all my friends are dead. Not so happy birthday to me

Day 85: don't know if im still really drunk or something, but I cant find any of the army arse. I remember something coming over the radio but I was really drunk at the time. I went up close, even walking into the base and I cant find anyone. The cwrt mawr bastards are still around, but the army guys are nowhere So I looted all their stuff I could carry and took it back to my new house. Luckily some of the sandbags can be used to build a small wall around the building. The bastards rarely leave their house, so I seem to have the pick of the weapons here.

Day 86: since the arses are not here I have decided to stay in aber for now. But whilst building my defences up with turrets, machine guns even a mortar the lot. I heard a message over the radio I stole... found in the base. It said, the army has recreated the English Empire, all people in the United Kingdom should make their way to Edinburgh. The castle has allowed the army to regroup and survive. They built a wall around the city and from there they will reclaim the county. They seem to say that there are a few area types, green, red, yellow, blue and white. White means that there are no zombies in the area. The only white zone in the country is Edinburgh. Green is limited zombie activity but not secure Mainly countryside areas. Yellow is active zombie zones, small cites like Brentwood, Aberystwyth and such. Red areas were high activity zones, larger cites like Birmingham, Manchester and so on. These zones you would not enter unless you had to. Blue zones were completely lifeless. These zones were considered dead and you would only enter the zone to die. The only Blue zone in the UK was London..

Day 90: the bastards are not expanding their area of control but they are getting more desperate. Almost a day hasn't gone by when I haven't seen on of them. They keep calling me the rangers, fitting as I don't think anyone is left in this town that know my real name. Maybe no one in the world knows who I am. I need to keep these thoughts out of my head. In these 90 days since all hell broke lose, I have seen people just give up the will to live. Maybe those that died and remained dead are the lucky ones. I think the only place left with any sort of food is Morrison. Though that area, has the most amount of zombies in the town. The cwrt bastards set up some sound generators near there to try to starve other groups. I was able to complete my armour. At the moment I have full arm and neck protection, with boots and shin guards. My helmet sits with a guard that moves back giving me room to move my neck as much as I can, but the length means that no zombie can bit me easierly. Its kinda like a samurai helmet. Now I have lived this long though zombie land, the greatest foe I have is now mankind and myself getting cocky. I have enough water for six months as long as I don't go mad. Food on the other hand will only last two months. Really need to find more.

Day 100: For once my life is now easier, the cwrt bastards had zombies breach their walls and now they are all dead. I have now made a mass looting job of Morrison and now I plan to leave this city for Edinburgh. I really don't want to be alone. There is no.. no one left in this town. As far as the radio goes I am the only person to reply I found a truck, I have started to place items on a truck. As luck would have it I have found a quad bike. This could help me out.

Day 107: it has taken me a week but I'm at last on my way north. I looted some cold weather gear just in case it is too cold. Then again it is a lot colder than it was last year. I think that the ash is making it colder. Due to the fact that my house is up a steep hill with no road I was forced to carry the stuff down. Or risk using the cart and creating noise to attract zombies. I'm writing this as I eat lunch, some cold beans. Been travelling for three hours and I am going to continue until it get dark. Then im setting up a tent and holding it down with bricks on top of the truck and sleep there

Day 110: I have reached Edinburgh. About a mile from Hadrian wall I have hidden the truck. I have placed a big red cross on it, in the hopes that people wont search it. Using the quad bike I have travelled the rest of the journey As I guessed I had to spend a day, being checked for bits or other possible infections. I really don't like the city. Its too crowed, and I fear that many zombies will be attracted to the city. As far as I know they haven't found any of my gear hidden in the truck, though they have let me keep my equipment. Tomorrow I have a meeting with the leader, some General, cant remember his name.

Day 111: met the leader here, a General Smith. I know seems like a common name. They tried to give me a job, but I don't want to join the army. The plan seems to be to claim up to Hadrian Wall. Then try to move down in a single line. I told the general I was worried about having one large city, he has the men to guard more than one, he just laugh at me and said, you don't like it, then leave. Went to the tavern, met some people like me, sole survivors who cant live in the city. Got an idea need to ask the general about it.

Day 112: Success. My plan was to start up a ranger team, find and build a fort, in the middle of no were. Then help survivors and scavenge areas. The general loved this idea, as he would get rid of some people he didn't want here. Talked to some of the people and they have accepted me as the leader and now were are trying to find a place to live.

Day 115: just spent the day down in Essex. Hedingham Castle has been chosen as our base. Once London had fallen, many people fled into Essex, so many zombies followed them, some people built this castle up and made the defences zombie proof. The only reason people are not there any more is because they came up to Edinburgh. One of my new rangers Bob, was living there for a bit. Had to kill a few bandits and some zombies but now we have a base. I am sending out my rangers to search areas but I don't really expect to find much.

Day 120: that has been five days of hell. We found a large group of survivors in London. They were hiding in a large building. Been trying to rescue them. We have two rangers with them and they report there are about 100 people there. They are starting to run out of food, so we need to rescue them quickly. This has taken my full attention, as this will turn our rangers into a promising group. Our plan is to try to copper them out but their building doesn't have a helipad. The building two buildings over has a pad so we need to get them to there. On the ground there are thousands of zombies, so that option is a no no. James has come up with a plan to create rope bridges. I think that is our best option. The problem is that the two buildings have zombies in them. The plan is to try to get rangers to destroy the staircases and hopefully get everything to the area in a straight line. I have recalled about 50 of my rangers for this, as the other 20 are busy in similar operations

Day 125: Success. Today, we have become a symbol of hope to the world. The plan worked. The use of rope bridges meant that we had no problem getting the people out. However once we reached the last building, the one with the helipad. The building was an old government one, which meant that we could use the lock down override and shut the magnetic sealed doors, doors. This meant that the zombies couldn't enter the building and it meant that no zombie could leave. We had to cut though 50 different doors. I was leading the charge, I must of killed about 80 zombies that day. At every turn we left 2 of my men to guide the civilians though. Once we reached the helipad we simply held our ground whilst some choppers picked up the people. We lost 3 civilians and only one of my rangers. The people funding me think that the losses was acceptable, but I have disagreed with them. Another good piece of news is that we have gotten in contacted with other nations. Most of Europe has been wiped out, the Vatican city and a few castles is pretty much all that remains. Russia has fallen back to god knows were, they wont tell us. Japan is destroyed, China, India and other large populated countries in that area has been nearly completely wiped out. A few cities and forts are all that remain. As the USA was one of the first countries to be hit, they have taken heavy losses. Only a few states on the west coast remain. The World leaders have come up with a plan. A task force will be reclaiming a space shuttle launch site, our plan is to now leave the planet. They have plans to build up the International space station to contain every person on Earth. That at the last figure was just under one billion people. Best guess is that 2 billion are staying dead and the rest are zombies. By the time we leave the planet that number of living people are expected to half.

The bad news is that as most of the food for the zombies are gone, most of them are moving west.

Day 167: been moving round the world, fighting zombies to save lives. The plan to leave is almost ready, the station is large enough for 850 thousand people, and we only have 700 thousand people left. The ship will have farming areas and everything we need to survive. Its amazing how much work you can do when you are not paying people, and they simply have nothing better to do than work. Most laws about how long you can work have been elimanted. I'm now back at rangers HQ, resting before the large battle. Zombies went though the channel tunnel and we have most of Europe's zombies outside of Edinburgh and my castle. We have cleared out all of the living in Europe, only the UK has any living there. Nothing greater than walking into the Vatican City and seeing the Pope wielding a light machine gun.

At the moment we only have living people in the UK and the USA. Russia has come out of hiding to join us. We have now joined under one faction, Earth. No longer are we divided by lines on a map. In 3 days everyone in the USA will leave for the station, in 5 days everyone in the UK will leave for the station. Its pretty cold for this time of year.

Day 174: I don't know how to describe what I have been though these last few days. We left our base and headed to Edinburgh. There we got everyone out of the city, without problems I might add. The problem was as we reached the launched site, the base was over run by zombies. My rangers fought instantly, protecting everyone there. After a four hour battle, I was running towards the last shuttle, and they nearly got in. the shuttle left without me. I am the last man on Earth. I ran from the battlefield back to my castle. I found a plane that could fly me there. Using my radio I called on every frequency I could find. I am the last man on earth. I dont know what to do.

Day 200: its the middle of summer and it has started to snow. Its so cold here. The days are getting shorter. I have been scavenging food to last me, but its getting hard, as every zombie in the world is heading to my location. The station has left order and is heading out. They build some engines on the station and the plan is to fly it to Pluto and back, that should take 30 years both ways, unless they stop to land on another planet or moon. I do not expect to see another living human in my lifetime.

Day 365: Today marks the full year since the zombie outbreak started. Its been 165 days since I was left on Earth. I havent seen the Sun in 60 days. All the radiation is creating dust which is freezing the planet. The sun's heat rays are having trouble to penetrate the new atmosphere.

Day 444: Happy birthday to me. I havent seen a zombie in 48 days. The cold is killing the zombies, well kinda. To kill a zombie you have to destroy the brain. The cold is causing the fluids in the body to expanded which is bursting the brain. Its like leaving a beer can in the freezer. The booze will expand and cause the can to explode. I have video prove. Im starting to build the castle into a memeroial to the great zombie war. Incause mankind doesnt return, or some other race comes here. I have newspapers, videos and everything I can think of.

Day 460: its official I am living in an ice age.

Day 500: there is nothing to write about. Its been soooo boring. I have played all the different games I can find, watched every film, driven every car. I have a plan on what to do. I am going to freeze myself, in the hope I can survive until man returns.

Day 514: to day I enter the chamber. I have all the equipment needed, I have a chamber under the castle to sleep in. my spear and shield are entering the chamber with me. In case someone is reading this then be careful. I hope people will be able to read this message and remember the brave people that died. Never forget us. Learn from our mistakes. This is my last entry into the diary. I will place it in a airtight bag, in the hope that it will last longer. I dont know how long I will sleep for. It could be days, months or even years. I might never wake up before the sun explodes, who knows.