Hey guys!

I have fantastic news - The Mute and The Liar got published! Yay! I am so, so happy!

It is now available on Amazon and the website Lulu as well as a few others and is also available as an ebook. The book is much different now - it has gone through serious editing and is now at a much better standard and has had some radical changes, so I would really recommend readers of the book while it was on here to have a read of this new version.

Thank you all so much for all your support - I wouldn't have been able to finish the book without all the reviews, criticism and support. All the links to the book are on my Fictionpress profile page if anyone is interested.

I am now focusing on My Psycho. I have uploaded the first few chapters onto Fictionpress and am returning reviews for it (I will review your work back.) It is very similar to the Mute and the Liar in terms of genre and style, so give it a read if you read and enjoyed TMATL. I am also very much in need of constructive criticism for it, so any help would be incredibly appreciated!

Again, thank you so much for reading the story and for your amazing support! I would not have been able to complete The Mute and The Liar without all of the help and encouragement from you guys! I am forever grateful! It really does mean the solar system to me. Thank you a million!

-Vicky x