So like I had said that I would do a re-write of the original "Life" story. Well here it is! It follows the narrative style of the second and third life story and (in my opinion at least) manages to keep the feel the original write of this one had. Enjoy reading it =). And leave a review if you like thinking about how you felt about the re-write, thanks!


Life: What Are Dreams to You?

The sky is covered in orange as the sun sets. Clouds outline the further radiance of the sun set; two figures stand by a river side staring at the sunset. Cigarette ash falls onto the grass in front of them as they gently lift their cigarette up and down. The ash burns with an inner burning fire, an inner passion waiting to burst out; inner passions humans also hold, dreams.

One lets the ash from his cigarette falls while the other lifts up his cigarette putting it in his mouth. Feeling its warmth crave into his mouth and body, he lets his cigarette out as he, his name Tadashi. The other lifts up his cigarette putting it in his mouth, his name Takoda. Two men who are dreamers, and two men who dream in the light of day while live life as a dry existence. "Hey Takoda...what are your dreams?" asks Tadashi looking down at the river by the sidewalk they stand at. He notices a can floating; he follows it as it passes under a bride and into the far off distance as it no longer becomes visible.

"Dreams?" asks Takoda as he lets the smoke escape his mouth watching it slowly dissipates. "Yeah, what do you dream of doing with your future?" asks Tadashi more clearly, watching the shapes Takoda creates with the cigarette smoke.

"I want to become a somebody...rather than a nobody" answers Takoda slowly as he thinks about his answer. "Don't we all?" replies Tadashi as Takoda simply smokes his cigarette. "What do you mean?" asks Takoda turning towards Tadashi.

"I mean look at us, a bunch of wrecks! We can't even find decent full time jobs...yet we still dream rather than facing the harsh reality which we try to avoid so hard" explains Tadashi with a hint of self disappointment in his voice. "We don't run...we just delay it" responds Takoda in an attempt to drive the subject in a different direction. "All the same, no matter how you look at it, we're a bunch of nobodies in a world of cruel and harsh reality!" states Tadashi as he takes his cigarette out letting more ash fall onto the grass in front of them.

"Why the sudden topic of dreams anyways? What's your point with all this talk?" asks Takoda demanding an answer as he watching ash fall onto the grass slightly burning it. "My point? My point is that why are we still dreaming? When we know that we're just fools for dreaming!" gives a straight answer Tadashi.

"We?" asks Takoda turning towards Tadashi.

"Yeah we, I have my dreams to you know" replies Tadashi and again asks Takoda, "No, I mean we're both fools?".

"What? Mad about me calling you a fool?" asks Tadashi as Takoda throws his cigarette disposing it from his sights. "No...I'm just completely pissed that you're right" says Takoda as he thinks, 'How did my life end up like this?'.

Three days ago.

Takoda sits in his apartment, only he as the occupant being a college student. His passion, photography and yet another. One other passion which no one seems to understand as best as he can, one that is of flying. Tearing the binds of gravity and flying like the birds he sees flying. Flying like the bird which sat on the roof in front of his apartment's window. He sits there on his balcony with his camera looking at the bird.

"You're can fly where ever you would want to without a care in the world. Unlike us humans...who have to work their way up in this harsh world to make something of themselves" talks Takoda staring at the bird. The bird on the opposite roof stares at Takoda out of its innocent curiosity moving its head about to focus its eyes better on Takoda. Takoda realizes his own stupidity, he is talking to a bird bursting out in laughter, "Heh, I'm stupid I guess. Talking to a bird and you would understand anything. Like you would understand the binds of this world which keep me tied down to the ground...would you understand?" Takoda questions. The bird finally feeling the need for flight breaks its stare from Takoda and spreads its glorious wings. It flaps taking flight into the sky as Takoda is left sitting on his balcony wit h his camera, "I thought so...I really am stupid. I forgot to take a picture of that bird's back while it was flying."

Tadashi walks about below Takoda's balcony shouting, "Hi Takoda!" grabbing Takoda's attention. "What are you doing? You're going to be late again for college! Hurry up, this is the last day and tomorrows is the big day, graduation!" shouts Tadashi in excitement.

"Graduation" Takoda whispers, not knowing what will happen to him after graduation; he will no longer have a linear pathway to follow in life. He will have to make choices, a whole new world will open up to him, a world of job market. "I'm coming" speaks Takoda lazily.

The next day.

Camera flashes shone brightly as a line of students walked onto the stage. Everyone waited their turn, their turn to finally get their degree and walk out into the real world. It was their day to make themselves known, it was graduation day.

Takoda's turn came as Tadashi went before him, he shook hands with the dean; took a picture and walked off the stage. Then a group picture was taken for the group of student graduating. The graduation ceremonies had ended as the mass populace of people swarmed out of the graduation halls.

The sky seemed so serene in Takoda's eyes. He walks forward with his eyes staring up at the clouds, staring towards his dreams of flight. He wants to fly like the birds, yet the chains of gravity tie him down; he wants to fly of his own will, not the will of a machine known as an airplane. Tadashi talks about his plans, his future plans which all seem a blur to Takoda as his head lies too up above in the clouds. "Hi Takoda! You listening to me at all?" asks Tadashi. A few birds fly by catching Takoda's attention as Tadashi follows his stare towards the birds, "Birds again...".

Moment of silence takes place.

" is such a drag" speaks up Takoda as he continues to stare up at the clouds. "Huh, what's this all of a sudden?" asks Tadashi surprised at Takoda's comment.

"The birds, they have the freedom we don't, they can fly where ever they want to without any real worries like ours, almost as if they are in there own little happy world" answers Takoda only to leave Tadashi confused. Tadashi shakes off Takoda's response as he suggests his idea of celebration, "Hi tell you what, how about we go celebrate? With some ramen!".

Takoda thinks about Tadashi's offer for a while and replies, "Sure, it's not like I got anyone waiting for me at home anyways, you're lucky Tadashi". Tadashi suddenly stops Takoda looking him in the eyes saying, "Still thinking about that incident and your parents' death? Don't, time goes on and you have to move on as well man. It's not healthy to remember that incident all the time, leave those memories behind..."

'Easier said than done' thinks Takoda as he continues to walk on now with Tadashi following. Takoda's trance of staring at the sky suddenly gets broken. He falls to the ground as he felt the sensation of bumping into someone just before falling. He looks down to the ground seeing a girl on the ground in front of him. She is rubbing herself; her figure so different from others in Takoda's eyes, 'Do I feel something for her?' thinks to himself Takoda. The girl rubs her shoulder squealing a bit in pain, Takoda gets up offering his hand to the girl, "Sorry about that...are you alright?". The girl simply looks up at Takoda blushing slightly and turning away instantly as she speaks in near panic, "Ah, I'm alright."

Takoda and Tadashi continue walking.

"Man she is so cute!" says Tadashi in the excited tone of a normal boy. "She's alright" says Takoda in the tone of a dreamer, in the tone of a visionary.

"Are you kidding? It looks like she's got a thing for you" said Tadashi.

"Didn't notice"

"That's because you always have your head way up in the clouds. Time to face reality dude. A dream world isn't a world to be living in twenty four seven."

Takoda remains quiet listening to Tadashi when he finally interrupts saying, "Let's get that ramen now".

Ramen shop.

It was night, the night breeze blew peacefully in the residential part of Tokyo. Tadashi lay drunk as a skunk sleeping it off, Takoda looked over to his friend trying to wake him up, "Hi Tadashi...Tadashi!" and all Takoda can think was, 'Great...he's passed out.'

"Why the hell do you have to drink so much every time we celebrate something? And I always end up carrying you back!" talks aloud Takoda, partially under the influence of alcohol. Takoda finishes his ramen leaving the payment on the counter for the ramen vendor. Takoda bids good night to the ramen vendor carrying Tadashi with him, reaching Tadashi's house soon. Takoda rings the front door bell trying his best to stand up on his feet and not give into the alcohol. The front door opens with Tadashi's mother answering. She takes Tadashi into the living room coming back to the front door thanking Takoda. "No, it was not trouble really. Heh, he always does get drunk like this on special occasions" spoke Takoda which Tadashi's mother agreeing, "Yes. I should get him to bed now, good night Takoda, take care."

"Yes, goodnight" and soon Takoda leaves walking back to his apartment where he can again yet spend a lonely night.

The door opens slightly creaking, Takoda walks in throwing the keys to his apartment on the table close by. He notices his camera lying on the table near the balcony, staying dormant without a purpose. For its purpose only comes when someone holds it, when someone uses it, else it lies without purpose. Takoda picks up his camera fiddling with it when suddenly a bird flying by sits down on the roof opposite to him. He walks out onto the balcony bring the camera into focus with the bird speaking, "What is it with all your birds finding that roof to sit on? Find some other roof..."

The bird speaks in its own language, almost as though it mocked Takoda.

"Why? Because it's mocking of how you can fly in front of me, it's like you're mocking me because I'm incapable of doing that." replies Takoda.

The bird yet again talks in its cryptic language.

"Yeah, rub it all in...Hi bird...Am I a fool for dreaming? All I dream is to rid these binds which tie me to the ground and freely like you."

The bird now flies away as though losing interest in Takoda. "There you go again...but then again, what else can you do? You're a bird after all" speak Takoda in a lonely tone as he goes back inside. Takoda gently settles down the camera and walks off to his bedroom to sleep of the alcohol.