Here is the final chapter! Enjoy!


4 years later.

Tadashi drives the rush hour, now married with two children. Living a normal life like any other college graduate. His attention is caught by a grave yard, one in which Takoda lies in now. Tadashi changes course going towards the grave yard, parking his car and getting out. He walks towards Takoda's grave lighting a cigarette. He now stands in front of Takoda's grave trying to think of what to say.

"You know, I've been wondering all these four years that have passed. Was I a trash in our society? Tell me Takoda, was I really that trash? If not so, am I still that trash?" asks Tadashi knowing he won't get a response from the still gravestone; but he tries none the less. Tadashi takes a smoke of his cigarette remembering that magnificent smile Takoda had on his face as he fell trying to fly, he at least tried to achieve his dream. "You gave up your life for just that impossible dream...but in that one fleeting moment it really did looks as if you flied" said Tadashi as he remembered when Takoda flapped his arms about almost like a bird. "Dreams...they really are a strange thing. Some don't desire to dream, some just lock them away while still dreaming and some just can't help but keep dreaming. I think I'm beginning to know what dreaming is now, I mean I'm really beginning to understand it now. I think I'm beginning to get how you felt about your dreams..."

Tadashi finishes his cigarette halfway and walks away throwing it on the pavement in the parking lot. He opens up the trunk of his car taking out what looks like to be a guitar case. He opens it up, sits in the back of the car closing the back door. Thinks of what to play, puts his fingers on the guitar and a melody comes to him. He begins to play the melody he calls "Dreamers of the Day".

This re-write of the original story is still in dedication to my deceased grandmother.