I felt as if I was being watched, I could feel someone's eyes boring into my back. I tried to ignore it, to concentrate on my friends and the ridiculous things they were talking about today. But the desire to look to see who it was growing more and more undeniable. Though I already knew who it was.

Finally while giving up, I turned my head slightly to my right to see that Brant was staring at me. Again. And of course, I stared back. Again.

"Alex…Alex!" My best friend Natalie shook my shoulder again as she tried to regain my attention. I quickly turned to her.

"Ya?" I said sourly for ruining the moment.

She raised her eyebrows and smiled t easingly. "Who were you staring at over there?"

Now the whole group was listening: Tyson, Kasey, and Jae.

"Who were you staring at?" Tyson asked teasingly, this isn't the first time it has happened.

"No one." My voice was shaking; I'm a really bad liar.

Tyson and Jae chuckled. "Just ask him out already!" Jae said between giggles, Tyson as well, but he wasn't as into it as Jae...

I scowled at Tyson and Jae. "I don't know what you're talking about." I said, keeping my chin high. The last thing I needed was my ex-boyfriend (Tyson, also my one of my best friends) trying to get me to date other guys. Just another awkward moment I didn't want to have.

Tyson noticed me looking at him and smiled. Tyson's hair was a mix between dark and light brown. His blue eyes were soft and kind when they weren't mad or upset about something. His face is very smooth and has absolutely no blemishes. He is a very nice person, and willing to stick up for is friends not matter what. I think, though I never admitted out loud, that he looks very cute in his black sweet shirt and dark jeans.

Now, Jae is a little different. His hair is the color of butterscotch and copper. There were little swirls that formed on the top of his round head. His hazel eyes are always excited. He has freckles that dotted his cheeks in random places. He is into rap and older movies. And he always, always, is wearing his Broncos leather jacket. He is a little…bigger than the rest of us, but not fat, though he thinks it.

Natalie, or Nat as I call her, is my best friend (besides Tyson). She is the palest of us all when she isn't blushing. Her dark brown hair, so dark it's almost black, is about shoulder length. Her brown eyes are a beautiful light chocolate brown. Her complexion is absolutely astonishing, not a blemish in sight. She is very whimsical and fun. Whenever there is a tense or depressed atmosphere, she is the one to make joyful, and happy. That is why she is my best friend.

Then there is Kasey, who no one likes. Kasey used to be Natalie's best friend before I moved here from Iowa. But then Kasey just ditched Natalie for a girl named Madison. And about three months after I got here, Kasey came right up to Nat and said that her and Madison had a fight and weren't friends. Of course, so we didn't hurt her feelings, we faked sympathy for her. Though she didn't deserve it. So Kasey just decided to become best friends with Nat again. She then started eating at our lunch table, hanging outside with us. She was nice at first, but then she got a little mean to mine and Nat's friends, Jae and Tyson. Sometimes Tyson doesn't even sit with us anymore because he doesn't like Kasey, and I absolutely hate it. Anyways, Kasey has greenish- hazel eyes that are piercing. She has split ends in her light brown hair. Her forehead is covered in pimples. She pouts for days when she doesn't get what she wants. And it annoys the heck out of me. But the one thing I can't stand is how she talks. Kasey can go on, and on, and on about things that people don't care about. And it drives me crazy!

Last but not least, Brant. Brant is absolutely perfect, in my eyes anyway. His warm brownish-hazel eyes are one of the features about him I love most. His skin is a bit tan. He has dark brown hair that is cut short and is very straight. He loves sports, especially football. His friends are goofballs just like him. I have most of my classes with him. Like Health, P.E., Science, Choir, Geography, and Study Hall. Most of the time when we are in class together we mess around with his other friends. Like his friend Garret. When Garret leaves his binder on his desk, we will steal it and hide it somewehere. We find it hilarious to watch their reactions when they realized their binder is missing. Anyway, I consider him one of my best friends. Lately he had been sitting at lunch with us, but today he sat with some of his other friends.

Now, I have big brown eyes that deep and almost black. I have golden brown hair that goes part way down my back. I have a heart shaped face with lips that always seem to be red, like I am wearing a little lipstick. I stay around my friends though I would rather be alone.

There is one thing people don't know about me… that I was sent here from heaven. There is someone I was brought here to protect. Many other angels do this too. We are sent here to protect the chosen ones, the people that will survive the earth ending. They don't exactly tell us who they are; they just send us to the place where they are at. And that's why I was sent to this middle school. I have some theories though. I'm thinking it might be Natalie or Tyson, but I can't be sure. But I know what you're thinking. Angels date and say bad stuff about people? The answer is no. But I have to keep up the personality of a regular eighth grader. I don't want people getting suspicious.

As I sat there, thinking about the situation I was in, I hadn't realized everyone was staring at me.

"What?" I asked while looking around.

"You okay?" Nat asked while looking straight at me.

"Ya, why do you ask?" I said in confusion.

"Never mind." Nat murmured, looking away.

I looked around at everyone and they looked away too. What happened?