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Right where the angel had been was a normal human boy in normal human clothes. But the resemblance was easy to see.

The boy seemed to panic a little in this new form. He tried changing back but it wouldn't work.

"This is your old form, Michael. Embrace it." God encouraged him.

Michael nodded once, staring at the clouds beneath his feet.

I was excited and sad at the same time. Excited because I was getting a second chance at a human life. Sad because I was going to have to give up my glorious form. No more flying too.

God changed a few more scared angles before he motioned for me to come over. I sucked in a deep breath before I floated over to him. He smiled gently at my hesitation before he looked me deep into my eyes.

"Are you ready?" He asked kindly.

I nodded. "I'm ready father."

He laid his hand on my shoulder very softly. I felt this odd, warm sensation spread through me. There was a flash of gold before I became a human again.

I looked at Tyson and his eyes were wide and brilliant. He was excited too.

I ran to him and flung myself in his hard arms. I felt him kiss the top of my head with his perfect lips.

"Tyson." God called him over. Tyson gave me one more squeeze before he flew over to him.

God smiled at his approach. "You have done great things Tyson. I know that you cannot bear to be without your chosen one. I just want you to know that you have greatly changed this happy one."

Tyson nodded at the words. God looked towards me before he changed me beloved. Tyson was still beautiful to me whether he was in angle form or human form. He raced back over to me.

I buried my face into his chest while God changed other people. I didn't look up until he called Jon's name.

Tyson and I watched Jon's transformation. Natalie hugged him fiercely when it was over.

"You are all ready now my children." God said as he opened up the clouds once again.

The new earth was shining gold with the same perfectly formed clouds as last time. I was suddenly eager to reach this new land. But I remained patient.

"It is time for you to restart our earth and repopulate. Good bye my children."

Where the last words I heard before he disappeared. I reached over and took Tyson's hand. He squeezed it before we faced the world in front of us.

End of Book One