Putting pen to paper is never as simple as it sounds. You must consider numerous factors and know endless amounts of rules not to mention the grammatical and punctuation details that give your story finesse, in fact I am merely breaking a superstitious rule just by informing you because everyone knows you should never talk to your audience; instead you must show them the way, although that may not be as clear at the start as it is in the end. There'll be times when your piece won't cut the grade in the real world or hard times when you can't please everyone; you'll need a thick skin for those punches to the heart. But there'll be times when you're showered with praise and every idea that has come to fruition will be truly a work of art, that's when you mustn't let your ego swell because the bigger you climb the harder you'll fall. Besides it's always the quiet comments that have the most to say whether that is advice or a simple request, they are your companions whether you choose it or not and for that reason you cannot be selfish and conquer only your desires otherwise the pages will shut and no one will know how the story goes. You must create personas that strike a chord with the reader, mirror realities but still dream for the impossibilities. Don't forget you have to put them in a story that is not so watered down nor dry like a desert, it must be adventurous; so adventurous that your reader wants to leap in the pages and walk with your character on its pages long journey. But one rule, I must point out is, it has to be realistic yet impossible at the same time. Your reader must feel that it's real, to make the story come alive. But it must be impossible so that your reader doesn't hold onto false hope that it could happen to them. If you should consider delving into different genres then feel free to look at the undergrowth for some ideas. You can write about anything and everything, writing is a free spirit in that sense. But as with everything there is a control to what you write. If you were to write about the fairies at the bottom of your garden then you must mimic typical fairy behaviour as defined in sub-section three of article four in the supernatural behavioural code stipulated and upheld by the online community or any community for that matter. Or if you were to write about a girl who isn't any average girl because of so many complicated reasons that are far too long and complex for me to list here then you must be sure not to label her a 'Mary Sue'; after all you don't want to appear like you're trying too hard because all pieces must flow like an effortless musical piece and great a picture that sticks in the cogs of a person's mind. So before setting your ink cascading over the white expanse, cast your mind over those rules which occasionally you can break but only in exceptional cases; only until then must you follow the rules so as not to appear that of an inexperienced writer but that of a professional. Don't be disheartened, there are cases that break the rule and yet a reader still adores them for that fact. And even some of the experienced writers bend the rules to defy gravity because they know the readers will understand it because it is not too ostentatious but captivating like looking through a crystal ball. If this world that holds so many possibilities can't offer you inspiration then do not feel cast out of our society; you can also start by using those silly little stories from the characters you've read, seen or heard about because if they can entertain your mind then they will entertain another's. Oh before I depart, I would like to wish you well on your journey because the words you jot on paper will transform you as much as you them. Bon voyage, I know your adventure into different realms or writing will surely teach you more than you could ever learn from reading it in a book.