For my Mady

Eyes can behold some of our most palpable human emotions. Whether it is fear, anger, or excitement, the peak of which resides in our two (usually) most granted non vital organs. Sometimes, when nothing is to be said, they fall stoic, devoid.

As for humanity's canine counterparts, the eyes do all the talking.

Albeit, their alert 'bark' may signal a visitor at the door, or slight whimpers in their slumber- possibly indicating a bad dream- the depth belonging to these creatures days all that we can perceive, along with the small gestures.

Such as when meaty paws are placed on a surface, eyes peering up as if to say ' May I leap in your lap?'

Or the pair of orbs turn downward in humiliation, caused from an accident on Master's freshly cleaned carpets, or digging in the trash.

The vibes we emanate to the atmosphere that even they, or only they, can discern at moments I may find myself frequently subjugated in- happy or dejected. She humbly sighs in a submissive manner with nothing to be said.

A dog's eyes communicate to us; words to be said left unspoken.