He was trapped. Alone in a room with only one way out, and he knew that was not an option. The room was very small, just a medical bed and some machines he'd seen in hospitals. And all that was on the wall was a speaker and above it a small camera.

They were watching him, anything he did they saw…so what could he do? Scared and tired he just laid back on the bed, too scared to wonder what was going to happen. What they were planning on doing to him, to her. It was very dim and his eyes were just beginning to adjust when he heard a crackling noise from the speaker followed by a familiar voice. One he had hoped he would never have to hear again.

"Ah, Mr. Nolan. Welcome back." he heard. "So terribly sorry about my men's rude approach, but you shouldn't have been so resistant with them." It gave him chills as he remembered the horrid face that went along with the shrill voice coming from the speaker. His mind was racing, he knew he had no where to run, and any energy he had left he used trying to fight off the two men who brought him here. "What do you want from me?" He yelled "Why am I here?" He tried his hardest not to let the terror in his voice be noticed.

"Now, you know why we have brought you here, Mr. Nolan," the voice replied "to finish what we began. You seriously didn't think our business had been completed during our last meeting, did you?" When he didn't reply the voice continued. "Come now, do not try to fight us. I am coming in now, Mr. Nolan. I trust you will not try anything senseless, I do not want to make this more painful than necessary."

He looked at the door when he heard the loud clank of the lock opening followed by the creaking of the door as the voice entered the room and once again became the figure that still haunted his memory.

Unable to control his trembling body he looked at the face of what he deemed pure evil. Straggly hair pulled up into a bun. The small mouth looked to have almost no lips, but when pulled into a smile revealed tiny, yellowed crooked teeth. A small pointed nose that held up a pair of thin glasses.

But what he hated the most was what the glasses sat in front of, a pair of piercing blue eyes. So blue they almost left the effect that they were clear and there was nothing left but a black dot in the middle of a white sphere.

Panic began to overwhelm him as he once again laid his eyes upon Trisha Morriks, the sadistic professor who chose him to be the test rat for her latest experiment. The one who ordered her men to force him to her clinic and have him strapped him to her medical table. The psycho path that began injecting him with chemicals that she said rearranged his DNA so his body would allow her to do her test on him. He shuddered remembering her describe her plans to him. Then she pulled out the large needle and jabbed it into his stomach and released its contents.

She walked up to him and ran her hand down his cheek. "Don't be afraid. It will all be over soon enough, and then you can go on with your life as though it never happened." Reaching in the pocket of her lab coat she pulled out a syringe and began to lower it to his arm.

Snatching away from her reach he managed to get off the bed and got to the far end of the room, away from her. "Don't touch me, you crazy bitch!" He didn't know how he would fight her off with her two body guards' right outside the door to help her, but he would just have to try. He had come too far to let her take away what he finally had learned to accept; to love. "She's mine! I won't let you do anything to her, you hear me!"

Her lips formed the horrifying grin he had seen her use before. He knew he had little chance of getting away. "Silly fool. You have no right to tell me what I can and can't do with this child, after all I created it! I put it in there! And you will give it to me one way or another."

Before he could think of a response she lunged at him and stabbed him with the needle. Immediately his body became weak. Then his whole lower half began to feel as is it was being turned inside out. He cried out as the pain became unbearable. "What did you do to me?" He screamed.

"I have injected you with a chemical that is setting your body up for the birthing process." She smiled and stood up, turning she called the two men in the room. "Come help Mr. Nolan back into bed. He will need all the rest he can get. Once my chemical has completed its task, I want to begin him on a high dose of pitocin to jump start labor. I want this done in a very quick manner, incase our patient is already being missed, we will be done before anyone finds our whereabouts." She left the room and the men picked the frightened young man up off the floor and placed him on the bed, then also exited the room.

Terrified he curled into a ball wrapping his arms around his fully pregnant stomach and tried not to give up his last bits of hope. He winced as the pain still seared through his body. What was going to happen to him, to his baby? What did they plan on doing to her? As the fear for her safety began to rise far over his own, he cursed himself for any of the mean thoughts he had once held for the small child defenselessly held captive along with him. They won't touch you, he thought, I promise you I won't let them hurt you! He softly cried thinking back at how much his baby had changed his life. He closed his eyes and the memories fled back…