"Nooooo! I cann't..." Mike shook his head back and forth as Dr. Hines tried once more to tell him what he would have to do. He bit his lip and looked at the woman like she was crazy. "Mike, what she injected you with enabled you to give birth natural. That's why were here. You can't have a c-section here? Don't you understand that. I don't have the proper materials. You could both die. You are going to have to PUSH!" He began crying and rufused to do as she said...again. "It's not possible! You're all insane!" he cried. Then grabbing his stomach as it tighten and the pain began to rush through his body in the wake of yet another contraction.

"Oh GOD!" he screamed out. Dr. Hines went to his side and took his hand. "Breathe, Mike. Like I showed you, remember? In and out, nice and slow. That's it." she coached as he began to follow her orders. She turned to look at the two men standing watch over the procedure, then looked at the camera. "Honestly, Trisha, do they HAVE to be in here? Please. I can might be able to get him to cooperate a lot easier if they weren't standing gaurd like this." she rolled her eyes when no response came and went back to comforting her patient. "Easy now, deep, slow breaths."

Trisha watched the screen and narrowed her eyes as she looked at her clock impatiently. She stood and walked into the room. "Alright leave you two." she instructed the men "As for you, Mr. Nolan" she hissed "I am growing tired of your rebllious behaviour...Shelby, up his dosage give him twice as much, speed this up NOW!" Dr. Hines looked at her angerly "Trisha are you mad! That is too much!" Trisha gritted her teeth and walked towards the Docter, "Then fix this problem!" she spat pointing at the trembling victim on the bed. "Ok..." she muttered squeezing Mike's hand. The crazed woman left the room and sat back in her chair in front of the screen.

"Listen, Mike, I know your scared. But she is only going to make this so much worse for the both of you if you don't do what she wants." He looked away from her and shook his head. "Yeah, give her MY baby! I won't!" he curled into a ball around his belly and pulled his hand from her. "It's ok!" she said turning her back to the camera and giving him a strange look. He looked at her questioning. Then finally giving in to the constant persuasion and pain nodded. "Fine..."

Dr. Hines sighed and turned to the camera. She nodded and took her place at the foot of the bed, "Alright Mike, I need you to open your legs so I check you again ok?
I know how horrible it was. I'm so sorry." she felt awful having to look at his broken face as she invaded his body. He shut his eyes and dug his nails into his palms when he felt her begin. "Owwwwwww!" he cried as his body began risisting. "Calm down, Mike, don't tense up, it's almost over." she said trying to feel how dialated he was. She finished and looked at her patient sympathetically. "It's time. You're ready.." he took in the words and began to shake uncontrollably. "Oh god...oh god...oh god.." he said trying to make himself ok with the fact he was about to give birth...naturally.

Trisha opened the door with an evil smirk on her face. "What are you doing Trisha?" Dr. Hines asked walking to her. "Oh surely you didn't think I would let you do the whole procedure alone, come now Shelby, I don't trust you that much. You could ruin my whole plan." Dr. Hines looked down knowing she could not convince her otherwise then went back to Mike. "Im sorry..." she whispered to him. She pulled the stirrups from the side of the bed and set them into place. "Ok I'm going to put your feet in these, ok?" he just nodded and allowed her to move his feet. Once he was set up and everything was ready Dr. Hines looked over to the montior and waited until she saw a contraction coming, "Alright, Mike when you feel the contraction I want you to push down, ok? Just try a small push, I'll let you know if you're doing it right. Ok here it comes, now, push!"

Mike closed his eyes and pushed with all he had. He had seen movies and heard stories about how you're suppose to do it, so he sort of had an idea. When Dr. Hines told him to stop and breathe he fell back into the pillow and began panting. "Here comes another one, Push Mike push!" He did as she said. "Very good! You are doing great, Mike." she smiled and patted his leg. "Just breathe through these next few ok." He nodded and gripped the bed as the pain began building up again. He looked up at the ceiling and prayed to himself. God please get me through this, and don't let her take my baby. Please! "Ok Mike, push on this one, ready, go!"

"Nnnnnggg! AAAAAAHHHHHH!" Mike screamed. He squeezed his eyes shut so hard his head began hurting. Dr. Hines looked down at the floor worried. If Sarah got my message they should be here soon she thought wondering how she would get them up to where they were. She stood and rubbed her eyes walking to the door. Trisha looked at her angrily, "What the hell are you doing? Get back over here and get the damn baby OUT!" Dr. Hines narrowed her eyes and looked at her. "Can we step outside for a moment please?" She opened the door and exited the room. Trisha looked over at Mike trembling on the bed and cursed under her breath then stormed out slamming the door behind her. "Well!" She yelled. "What's the problem!" Dr. Hines looked at the woman with hate, "He needs to take a break! He is scared and tiring himself out too fast! He will never be able to give birth like this!"

Trisha smirked and walked over to Dr. Hines, leaning in until her face was inches away from the womans. "Look either you do it the way I say now, or I will have my men slice him open and pull it out while you stand there and watch as he dies!" Horror fell over her face as she tried to decide if Trisha would actually sink that low. She shook her head knowing she probably would and nodded. "Oh God! I need a smoke...Can you at least grant me that much!" She asked desperately. Trisha rolled her eyes and laughed. "All these years preaching about how harmful smoking is and you still haven't given it up. You're pathetic Shelby." But she allowed her to go to a window and have one.

She opened the window of a small room Trisha led her to, and sat her purse on the window sill. She began searching through her purse, then realized Trisha was still standing at the door. "Honestly Trisha? WHat am I going to do in here!" Get what you need and give me your purse. Do not think I am stupid Shelby." The woman rolled her eyes and pulled the cigarette case out, then took the purse to Trisha. "Here!" she shoved the purse towards her. "Very well." Dr. Hines walked back to the window and looked out at the dark street. Looking at the purse a questioning look came over Trisha. "Shelby, are you going to just stand there? Go ahead smoke..." The woman turned and laughed, "So it has come to this. As crazy as you are, as many things as you have done, have I ever gave you up. No, not even once. Why no trust now?" Trisha smiled at her, "You've grown soft Shelby, I see the pity in your eyes when you look at Mr. Nolan. I know how close you have grown to this situation. You have even befriended his mother. Why should I trust you?" Dr. Hines looked out the window and thought hard, I don't have much time, gotta make this convincing. "I was only doing it the way I thought you would." she said bringing her eyes back to meet Trisha's.

"I knew I would need Sarah to trust me in order to get close to Mike. After finding out about about this, she became very protective. Always calling the office to ask questions. So I gave her my cell number. I began talking to her more and more until we were practiacally best friends. Mike saw how close we had become and knew if his mother could trust me, he could too. If I hadn't acted so caring and concerned in there he would have never even tried! Look at him he is scared out of his mind! But I believe he can do this. He cares so much about this child he will hold on for her. you have finally found the one who will make you a success! Can't you see I have been on your side all along!" Trisha's eyes widened, then she began laughing. "Shelby, you have had me fooled! I apologize for not believing in you more. I see now I have done well with you, my child." She smiled at the crazy woman. "Like mother, like daughter." Trisha nodded and laid the purse on the floor, then shut the door.

Trying to swallow the disgust of her words down she turned back to the window. Trisha was an intelligent woman, no doubt about that. But her faith in her daughter was strong. She did love her, in a twisted sort of way. Knowing that Dr. Hines knew she could gain her trust back, and hopefully that would be enough to finally put a stop to her derranged mother. Taking a deep breath she open the case and looked at the Marlboro box inside. She lifted the lid and pulled out a cigarette along with a small phone she had hid. Lighting the cigarette she waited until she saw a man step out of the car that had parked down the road from the building not long after she entered the room. She flipped open the phone and hid it under her arm. Knowing she had little time and there was a chance Trisha could get curious and come back she had the light dimmed all the way down. She watched the car and began hurridly typing a message. After hitting send she places the phone back in the cigarette box and watched the car. She smiled when she saw a light flicker on inside.