Nesu and the Sky Pirates

Chapter 1

"In The Beginning"

In the beginning two species rose from the dirt of the earth. Both alike in appearance and personality but different in strength. The humans and the immortals. Humans, blessed with their skill and immortals, blessed with their eternal youth, immortality and strength, but both blessed with magic that ran through their veins. Even with their differences they lived side by side in harmony as of there was nothing different at all about them. Even when wars broke out the immortals came to the humans aid and protected them. That all changed when a far away king decided to get greedy. King Alazar, he was jealous of the immortals, he himself feared death and wanted the elixir to eternal life the only problem was in order to concoct the elixir he needed the blood of an immortal.

Since immortals could not be harmed by normal weapons he had to travel far and wide until he found an old witch who told him that there were only two ways for an immortal to die. For him/her to sacrifice themselves or to use their own blood against them. Bathe their blades in their blood she stated. Before he left she gave him a jar of what she stated was the blood of a immortal. He didn't care how or when she got it he just wanted to try it out. The blood stained his blade as he poured it over the shining steel. Of course being a king he couldn't kill someone just to test it out. He had a plan though.

When he arrived back home he found the hideout of thieves and offered them a deal. One of them would take the blade and kill an immortal, drain its blood and in return he wouldn't lock them up in the dungeon. Being thieves they would do anything to not be sent to the dungeon. He waited for days until he saw the thieves return to the town. Not only had they killed one but they drained him of his blood and put it in a large jar. Now it was time to put his plan into motion.

Sending out his troops would only make people suspicious, so instead he turned to the Underground Slayers. They were a group that never failed at their assassinations, they always got their target. They also could tell the difference between a human and a immortal. They didn't come cheap though, in order for them to assassinate ever immortal alive it would cost the king three hundred bags of gold coins. He thought that the price was ridiculous but if he wanted his prize he needed their help. He accepted it and bathed their bullets and blades in the blood of the immortal the thieves had killed. When the immortals find out about their species going extinct they wouldn't know it was him he thought.

Years went by and everyday there would be someone talking about the decrease in the immortals population, however King Alazar didn't care. There were about three hundred thousand immortals in the world and so far five hundred had already been taken out in a matter of a year. The numbers went down each day over the course of the years and in that time the king began concocting the potion that would make him immortal. Ten years after the final immortal was reported to be slaughtered he drank the potion as he sat in his tub. He could feel it working, it felt incredible and he still had more to drink. Just as he was about to swallow another vile of it the witch he had met years ago appeared in his bathhouse and she didn't look happy. She had been watching him since the day he visited her and what she saw she didn't like. For slaughtering an entire race he would forever be ashes. As his body shriveled up the witch took the container of potions and before she left she told him one last thing. He hadn't killed all of them. One still remained and she would protect him from harm. That was the last thing King Alazar heard before he crumbled into ashes.

The boy grew up into a bright, talented young man, but being the last immortal wasn't easy. He had to be very careful, if someone killed off his race most likely they could kill him. The old witch watched over him through his life until she decided to give him something very precious to her, her own daughter. A beauty to behold with her perfect body, long red hair and green eyes and all this preserved with eternal youth. He was mesmerized by her. Over the years she thought less and less of being with him as a command from her mother, she actually loved him. He was very nice to her, he had good looks and he always protected her. After five hundred years of being with her he finally found the guts to ask her to marry him. He didn't want to be away from her, not ever.

They settled down in a small town far from a city, the nearest being the port city of St. Augustine. He loved her many days and night until she gave birth to his children. Two beautiful children, unfortunately death wasn't far behind him. It seemed that one of the ancestors of the murders that killed the race had found him and with the blood soaked blade of his grandfather he pushed it through his heart. Much grief was had by his wife and even by the old witch who had grown to like the boy through the years. They thought it was over, but I fact there was still another.