Chapter 3

"Captain Nesu"

The footsteps got louder and louder as she sat there. Images of what they would do to her ran through her head. In her books they would always push their victims off planks, leaving them to either drown or be eaten by the oceans predators. She stayed absolutely still as the man approached. By the looks of it he could crush her I two like a took pick. He was huge! The muscles in his arms were almost as big as her head. She tried not to move but her leg was getting cramped up. The room was pretty small and the crates pushed against her body. When she looked back up she saw the man towering over her with a big grin on his face.

Fear shot through her spine when his eyes narrowed in on her. Suddenly she felt her muscle become stiff. She couldn't move! She watched as he grabbed her around her thin waist and carried her up the stairs that lead to the deck. He kicked the door open with her in his grasp.

"Captain, we have a stowaway!" he yelled as the crew stopped what they were doing.

She saw the door across from her open up with a loud bang.

"Oi! What's with the noise?"

He wore a leather, green sun hat, she could see a bit of his blonde hair sticking out from under it, with a long jacket to match with a white button up shirt, dark blue pants and long black boots. He looked nothing like the pirate captains she had read about in her books.

"What was it again? A stowaway?" he asked as he scratched the back of his head as he walked toward her.

"I found her hiding in the supplies closet. What should we do with her sir?"

He kneeled down to take a look at her.

"Let her go." he replied.

"But sir…."

She saw him look back at him with fire in his eyes and in that instance she fell to the ground, she could finally move again.

"I'm really sorry for how he treated you. You have to understand that we are very cautious when it comes to people stowing away on our ship."

He was pretty nice she thought to herself and for a pirate he didn't look to bad either, in fact he didn't look that old, maybe about her age. Just before she could say something the boat rocked violently. The sound of explosions ran through the bottom of the ship.

"Captain, we have trouble!" one of the gunners yelled.

Another ship rose beside them. Wait, they were in the water right? She ran over to the railing and saw that they weren't, they were in the sky!

"All men to the cannons, we have some unwelcome company!" he yelled to his crew members.

He looked back towards her as he pulled out his old pistol.

"Can your fight girly?" he asked as he pulled out his second pistol.

She could, but she wasn't very good at it. She didn't know what to say, but she nodded anyways.

"Good." he replied as he tossed her the pistol.

The men on the other ship started throwing over large hooks that pulled them closer to them and in the center was a guy dressed in black and red clothing.

"So Nesu, how about you hand over that money you received eh? Just make it easier on you and your crew."

"Not on your damned life!"

His crew members were fighting off the enemies crew with sword and pistols. She aimed her gun at one of the guys swinging for her and pulled the trigger, but all she heard was a click, no bullets.

"Girly, like this." Nesu said as he pointed the barrel towards the man.

She didn't know how but a small fireball launched from the barrel and pushed the man back as it engulfed him in flames.

"Just funnel your magic into it." he said patting her shoulder.

He wasn't sticking around for long, he pulled out his sword and jumped to the other ship. She wasn't afraid to think she was a bit worried about him even thought she only met him three minutes ago. She got to work and used her light energy as bullets to shoot down any oncoming enemies. The sound of clashing sword and pistols being fired ran through the air as Nesu clashed with the other captain.

"You and your sky pirate crew can't stand against us. We will kill you and take all your gold before this fight is over."

"Then I escort you personally to hell!"

In Nesu's mind there was o contests who was going to win the fight. Time after time again he tried to destroy his ship and take his treasure, but time and time again he failed and lost his boat and crew in the process. Theirs blades clashed one after another as his their crew members fought each other. Lucy was getting the hang of the gun. At first it had massive recoil but after turning down her magic level a bit she could fire the pistol with ease. She looked back to find Nesu clashing sword with the other captain. Sparks flew from between their blades when they touched.

"You know Desomond, your really a sore loser. You lose over and over and yet you can't go after anyone but me."

That only made him even madder than he was. He put more force behind his swings as he swung at his opponent. He wasn't going to let him win this time! Once they locked blades again he swung upward and propelled Nesu's sword over the railing and into the water.

"Heh, I finally got you."

Nesu let out a sigh as he threw his pistol to the ground. He wasn't going to need it. Desomond continued to point his blade at him, but then he saw something strange happening to Nesu. His skin started cracking like it was made of rock. He backed up as fire started shooting from the crevices all over his body and watched as his enemy was engulfed in flames.

"I told you last time I wasn't going to hold back."

He used what power he had in his legs to jump into the air, in that moment the fire surrounding his feet started to propel him upward further into the sky. He was now like a flying meteor. He circled the ship before he forced his way through the back and out the front. The bottom of the ship caught on fire before the entire ship burst into flames. In a state of panic Desomond jumped overboard and into the water as did his crew when they saw the burning boat falling towards the ocean.

"Better luck next time buddy!" Nesu yelled as he held up the treasure chest he grabbed from below his ship.

As he landed the ship started to move again. Everyone gathered around as the flames around his body vanished, even Lucy who wanted to see what was inside. It felt really weird to her. She had been pampered all her life, but in just those ten minutes of fighting she felt like a free bird. Seeing the treasure was just as she imagined it to be. Gold coins, jewels, and many other jewel incrusted objects.

"Well then, now that the matter is take care of, my gun please?"

She had almost forgotten about it. She laid it in his open hand and watched as he slid it back into its holster.

"Now, what to do with you."