The sky was covered with the sombre, medium dark gray clouds that faded together to make the sky appear as if it was cloudless.

Rain matched the clouds, as the rain fell from the sky it made things silent, cold, wet and dreary.

The feelings of being caged stuck and alone lingered ever so slightly. This just added onto what I strongly detested about this town, it constantly rained, was cloudy and cold. It was if this town had a curse placed upon it; of course this town was not my first choice of many to live in.

A crooked grin broke out onto his face; I noticed it was one of seduction, malevolence. His hand on my waist, eyes looking into my mine; I was captivated and I saw a mischievous glint in his eyes but I ignored all of this.

He stroked my hair and pushed me closer to him so that his one hand was on my back the other on the back of my head, he drew me closer. I felt a good, pleasuring pain swell inside of me and my breathing quickened and fire that felt nice made my breathing feel funny and my chest as well, I felt excited but my gut told me a whole different story.

"Soon, soon you will be mine, there is no escaping this time I will conquer your mind"

I sighed not caring about what he said; his grin widened and became more malevolent. His grinned showed slightly pointed teeth that weren't above average but then there were these two top canines that looked sharper than usual, they looked like fangs.

He pulled me closer, his head tilting down, his eyes becoming cloudy and intense, hypnotizing. They captivated me so very much. Our lips met and that's when everything became a haze, it felt foreign for a second; the feel of his lips moving on mine in sync.

Things started to not matter, just him being here; this was all that mattered.

I looked into his eyes at the time and his eyes stared into mine as if they penetrated through my very soul.