As I looked out the window of the car I thought back to that day when I had awakened in the middle of the night because of the nightmare.

My eyes snapped open as I sat up in my bed, I felt cold and there was a light sheen of sweat on my forehead.

I had Goosebumps on my arms; my hair was plastered to my face and I felt something in my gut, something did not feel right.

I closed my eyes and opened them again to meet darkness and the sliver of moonlight cascading into my room from my window. I sat there for awhile focused on what I was feeling; my heart raced in my chest and my breathing was laboured.

My gut still had that strange feeling as if something wasn't quite right. Images flashed in my mind like a slideshow from the horrible nightmare I had just had. I shook my head to try to rid me of that train of thought that I would rather not go to.

I looked around me too see the top bedcover in a fashion of disarray and the thinner sheet secure around my waist but wrinkled in some spots. I got up and out of the bed, and walked to the bathroom.

I didn't bother turning on the light because of the night light. It didn't really brighten the room very much but it did enough that it made it better to see. I turned the tap on to the cold setting and splashed my face to rid myself of the sheen of sweat that still lingered. As well as also make me focus on the present and not the nightmare I had just endured.

As soon as I turned the tap off and dried my face I heard a shuffle as if it was behind me. I tensed and switching on the light I turned around afraid of what I may see and I saw nothing. I sighed in relief and turned back and switched off the light but when my eyes lingered onto the mirror I thought for a fraction of a second I saw a figure standing behind me.

An image of the nightmare passed through my head and fear burned in me. I turned around again and was met with nothing. I heard thudding and noted that it was my heart and my breathing was laboured. After a minute I left, heart still thudding and breathing still laboured.

As I entered my room I firmly closed my door and went to my bed and felt warmth radiate off of it I slipped under the covers. As I laid there I tried to regulate my breathing again and I waited for my heart rate to slow.

Suddenly voices broke the silence, soft, whispers with all the same voice the words coming from the voices were not in my head. They were outside and a part of me wondered if I was going crazy. Again the voices whispered a couple times, it sounded like a lull of voices. A couple of the voices would sometimes have malice, venomous emotion and anger to their tone. However – I realized - they all were in actuality the same voice, just with different emotions seeping through into their words.

There was one that stood out, that made the rest of the voices seem as if they were hushed in comparison. This one had a seductive tone to it but it gave the feel that that the person or being that this voice belonged to was quite sinister.

"You can't escape, try as you may but it won't do you any good" the voice purred I shivered his voice was making the other voices fade.

"I can't wait…'ll be so very exciting, just you wait…watch the thrilling adventure unravel before your very eyes" I could almost hear his smile in his sinister tone.

"Don't be afraid, I can't wait for our meeting" he purred again his voice still seductive.

Then there was silence. I shivered the fear I felt began to hurt. I pulled the covers over my head and wrapped it around me, trying to make my breathing quiet. I went in the fetal position and closed my eyes, wanting to wake up in the morning and forget.

I went into a deep sleep; thankfully.

However I had the nightmare again.

I was being followed, no matter how fast I ran I felt it the being behind me. I heard its cynical laughter which made me shudder. I felt a hand clasp on my shoulder and I was pulled back and turned around forcefully. I couldn't see my vision has begun blackening and I cried out in fear and bit the rest of the cry back, so that its octaves would not rise. I didn't want to give who or what the pleasure of my fear or pain.

I felt the soft brush of lips on the side of my neck then unbearable pain as if my neck and throat were starting to be ripped out piece by piece and or minute by minute. I almost fell forwards because of my knees starting to buckle beneath me. Whatever it was or who it was held me firmly in place, not letting a chance of escape or freeing myself from this spot open.

I felt the cracking of bones and I cried out again, by this point it the pain throbbing began to subsided; I was becoming numb for all the blood loss. I was dying slowly.

Then it went quiet, the pain stopped. I heard maniacal laugher then nothing again.

When I became conscious, I awoke to the sight of stone walls an almost blue steely colour of gray. I saw a few lanterns hung on the wall. On the slightly dark Caramel colour wood night table, there was a gas lamp with floral designs on the glass pane.

I sat up and looked around the rest of the room. I saw no windows of any sort, the room was basically empty. I noticed the darkened wood floor had a thin layer of dust accumulating in some spots.

The top bed sheet was black and the pillows white. I walked over to the dark muddy brown door to see if it was open I twisted the vintage looking door knob. Unsuccessfully the door didn't open; I was locked in this room from the inside. I walked back to the bed and sat on the bed.

I closed my eyes and heard a shuffle that came from behind the door I presumed. I tensed and hugged my knees to my chest as I heard the click of the door being unlocked.

The door opened with a light squeak of protest and closed again. I heard light footsteps and then felt the bed shift under another person's weight. I pushed myself back against the wall and felt a hand on my wrist. I shuddered and was pulled toward it/whoever was in front of me.

I felt cloth on my check and arms surrounding the back my neck and a cheek on my head. I opened my eyes and was met with the sight of a material of shirt and a neck. A scent reached my nose, a musky scent with hints of cinnamon, the woods, pine, mint and other scents I couldn't identify along with a sweet peppery smell like old spice.

I accidently on and impulse buried my face in whoever's chest. I heard a rumbling sound emit from the person's chest. I pulled back and my eyes widened at the familiar sight of a familiar face. He smiled sincerely and his intense blue eyes softened, his hand began stroking my hair a couple of his dark hair fell in front of his eyes.

I stared in awe the whole time, not scared anymore. He kissed the top of my head and then my check then my shoulder finally then his lips hovered over the side of my neck, he brushed his lips softly over the flesh and I felt the faint prickle of something sharp.

His tongue traced the spot where his lips had trailed over and I felt the faint prickle trail on the same spot. I heard his ragged breaths and I pulled back, he looked into my eyes. I was met with icy blue eyes that held a blue flame that burned in the depths a strange sort icy fire, his pupils dilated and turned into cat – like slits.

I backed out of his grasp and hit the wall and he grabbed my wrist and heaved a sigh and pulled me closer towards him. Panic and fear coursed through my body and I felt his hand firmly hold me in place and I heard a growl erupt through his chest. He bent over so that he put his face to my throat and his nose trailed down to were the flesh of my neck was and I felt him breathe ruggedly again. That's when that familiar prickle made its appearance once again, but instead of it fading away it grew more and more intense.

I cried out in pain when I felt something sharp and pointed pierce through the flesh. The grip on me became more pronounced, I tried to move back but when I did a heard something between a growl and a snarl and because of the fact that his hold on me was a good one.

I felt weak, I tried to push back and he must have let his guard down a little because I backed up against the wall and his lips left my flesh. His blue eyes were so bright and intense. His mouth was open and his lips reddish looking as if they had been tinted by my blood. The expression on his face made him look like he was a stranger to me.

I sat there, too weak to move and felt dizzy my sight becoming blurry. I felt as if I was floating on air, I saw him move again gripping me but more gently now, and cradling me in his arms. I didn't want to close my eyes I was to afraid what would happen after I was met with the darkness.

Finally my hearing and sight went and I knew I had fallen into an unconscious state. Nerveless I still felt the hand stroking my hair, his warm breath on my neck.

When I thought I was going to fade into unconsciousness and or wake up, my vision returned. I saw him still there still stroking my hair but laid down; he was on the side of me but angled so that it he could face me as if he was in front.

His lips were curved into a smile, one that held the emotions of something sinister, malevolent, cruel, and something terrifying. His eyes held a devilish glint in his eyes, but then I saw his eye colour change from the icy blue I loved. The eyes were a very dark brown; he changed before my eyes, psychically and mentally.

His lips were still curved into that terrifying smile, eyes glinting and his voice was seductive and velvety.

"Shhhhh…Shhh" He rubbed my back and stroked my hair with the other hand, these gestures not as sincere as I was accustomed too. His smile grew, points of his teeth showing.

"Don't worry, don't be afraid" he purred and that's when I blacked out, still hearing the rumbling in his chest that sounded as if he was content.

I floated in silence…without any thoughts or sounds.