In the mountain dug home that seemed endless the young family shared a peaceful morning.

"AHH!" A blond boy tripped over a small shoe.

"Ian what have we told you about leaving your shoes out!" He yelled at a small silver haired child.

"I'm sorry!" he started sobbing. Two women grabbed the blonde boy by the shirt and threw him over there shoulders.

"Oh baby it okay! Just remember. Shoes stay in your room or on your feet" a burnette said and picked up the boy.

"Yeah. anyway its not like Boa is any better at putting his shoes up" A dirty blonde girl held up a pair of black shoes.

"Hey! I have work! All he does is eat and poop!" He yelled angry.

"Ian is a big help! He and Link earn there wieght around here!"

"Yeah cause we totally need a doctor!" He countered.

"Your such a jerk!"

"If We didn't have him last mission we would have had to amputate your leg" The dirty blonde said boredly and turned on the kettle.

"It wasn't that bad!"

"It almost cut to your fimur!" The burnette said and walked to the kitchen that was attached to the tv room.

"You hungry baby?" She said and put the small boy on the counter.


"what do ya want sugar?" She said and put on her chef hat.

"Pie!" He giggled.

"Thats my boy" she chuckled.

"No desert till after you eat" A black haired man said as he walked in. His body looked as if it had been sculpted to look like a greek god. His hair hung over his beautiful bright blue eyes that twinkled with a gentle deep kindness buried over years of pain. He looked down at a file.

"Morning Link" The burnette waved as she started to mix to something in a bowl.

"Tortillas?" He asked.

"Eeeyup" She said and started to hum a song. After a while breakfast was ready and consisted of potatoes, bacon, beans and tortillas.

"Why do you cook so well and the stuff i make tastes like crap?" The dirty blonde said putting a spoonfull of beans into her mouth.

"Your cooking isn't that bad" The burnette said and took a tortilla and put beans and bacon in it.


"Yeah?" The girl licked the grease and beans off her thumb.

"I burn ramen noodles"

"... You make awesome smoothies"

"Not the same"

"Bp doesn't need to learn to cook she can kill a man in five seconds!" The small boy giggled from his seat between the women. The four teens stared at him.

"Bp what have you been teaching him?" Luna said gripping her spoon. The soft metal started to melt in her hand.


"What?" She swiveled her head to the blonde boy and hissed.

"Spoon" he said and bit into his tortilla. She looked and sighed.

"So much for a calm morning" She said saddly.

"Auntie don't be sad" The little boy hugged Luna by the waist, "We might not be the calmest family but we are a family and every moment we spend is a blessing because we spend it together" he said. Luna looked at him and smoothed his hair.

"You know... everyone might have a calm family but I like this one best" Luna said and kissed Ian's head.

"Please don't tell me this calls for a group hug" Link said about ready to run.

"No group hug..." Luna said and sighed. Bp looked up and locked eyes with Link. Her amethyst bore holes into his. He blushed and picked up his plate.

"I'm done" He put it in the sink and put up the file Thanking God that his chocolate skin hid his blush. The door slid open and he walked through calmly and it shut behind him.

Bp sighed and took a drink of water. Luna smirked knowingly the rest of the meal.