Reaching out towards you

There's no return

My sadness will overflow

I don't need to live anymore

Not without you

Not without all of you

This world has come to an end

And undesirable end

Yet an end all the same

I stand among the legions of bodies

I suppose it means I have failed again

The ground is red with blood

Seeping into my shoes

The faintest breeze moves my short hair

I close my eyes and breath

Once again, I stand here

Will this ever change?

Will I find my happiness?

Will I ever feel joy?

It is as though I'm stuck at the bottom of a pit

I try to get out again and again

And yet

There is no point

Because my world has been decided

The cool air that touches my skin

The stormy skies that have yet to give their tears

The death of billions

It will be all right

Because I get another chance

Another chance to see them die

But then again

It might just be a chance to see them all live.

A/N- Randomly poetry for a story not yet published. XDDDD