People think big breasts and a twig-like body is beauty

I think every shape, size, condition, and scar is beautiful

People think having a bitchy and slutty personality is attractive

I think compassion and kindness is the real attraction

People think skanky and dirty professions serves a purpose

I think fighting for our country is the real purpose

Over the years, beauty has been contorted into something unrealistic

Think of all the people out there who want to fit in

But they have to be taken over by sex, a fake personality, and forget who they actually are

Some out there think that their life sucks because they can't go somewhere

Would you rather have that or be beaten by someone because you want to go somewhere

You go through the kitchen and look through so much food and think

"There's nothing to eat"

There are people out their dying slowly from starvation and malnutrition

That's the same for going to the closet packed with clothes and saying

"I have nothing to wear"

There's some out there who barely have the money to buy any

We don't appreciate the things that were here for us

When's the last time you thanked the world for having such a fortunate life

Before you go around thinking something mean about someone

Think about how it makes you a better person

Think about others

Make a difference

Show the word, you're a better person

I love everyone for who they are

No matter what religion, ethnicity, sexuality, or anything

You are all beautiful