I sit at my computer

Fingertips above the keys

I hope to write all day and night

For words to come with thoughtless ease.

A novel or a poem's all I ask.

I do not ask for more.

A single book, a poetic hook,

For little I implore.

But alas, no luck, nothing to show

I stare straight at the empty screen,

It stares back at me so mockingly

And I scream, "You're so mean!"

I do so hate this writer's block

I hate it with all my heart

It stops my thinking and leaves me sinking

And halts my attempts at art.

"But wait," I cry, "I have a plan!

"Oh joy, oh happy day!

"This sad situation has provided inspiration!"

And I wrote my writer's block away.

So how did I do it? I'll tell you how

I'll say with no more talk.

You'll laugh and shout as you hear about

How I wrote of my writer's block.