Justin walks into Warren's bedroom. The luggage was spread all over the room, clothes scattered around, and everything was just really messy.

"Wow, I like what you've done to the place," he sarcastically noted.

Then, when Warren turned out to face Justin, it made Justin realize that something was wrong. Puffy red eyes. Scared nervous look. Shaking. No, trembling.

"Warren, what's wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

"You look…like shit, man. What is it?" Justin said.

Warren took a deep breath.

"I don't know if I can do this, man. I'm freaking out here. I can't do it anymore. I can't just walk out and leave. I don't know anyone out there. I mean, it's New York, dude! New York. And I don't know anyone and I'm just so used to being here and I'm gonna miss everyone… Oh my god, I don't wanna go anymore. I'm not going. I'm staying."

"Ok, ok, Warren, Warren, look at me." Justin sighed. "This…thing that you're doing right now, this… You're freaking out. And you want me to be supportive. You want me to try to convince you not to leave, and that you should just stay and go to college here or something."

"Yeah, I need my best friend to be supportive at least for once in his god-damn life!"

"Well, I can't be supportive!" Justin shrieked. "I can't be supportive. I can't tell you all the things that you want me to say because… simply because I don't believe in them. You're going to New York tomorrow and damn-it, that changes everything. I can't…"

He took a deep breath.

"I've been a jerk. I've known you for five years, and we've been best friends ever since I met you. And for the past year, I've been a jerk and I've been an ass we became…weird and distant. I started going out with Penny, and you became involved in all that college crap, and we just…sorta became distant. But I never did anything about it. I never tried to take things back to normal between us because I always thought we had time to be cool again. But you're leaving tomorrow, and there is no time. I've been a jerk because I thought I could still make it up to you. But I can't. You're leaving tomorrow. And I can't change that."

There was a long awkward silence between the two.

So much was said during those past two minutes. Too much emotion was put into those words. Words that were supposed to be told a year ago. But things got in the way.

"Thank you." Warren continued, "I really needed to hear that."

After another long pause, Justin started laughing. "Damn-it, I'm gonna miss you man."

Warren, teary-eyed, smiled back with "I'm gonna miss you too."

And they embraced in a brotherly hug.

"Please don't turn into a prick over there," Justin said while still hugging.

Warren chuckled. "Shut up."

They hugged, and they hung out, and they started catching up all night.

Because tomorrow…

Well, tomorrow, nothing will ever be the same again.

. . .

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