You put my stoned heart on a shelf, I appear to be only just an elf in your eyes. I am dying inside myself, why can't you see that? I am dying inside and need of a safe place to hide out in for a while. I am slipping away as quickly as today, say you will pray for me. I dare you to move, I dare you to care enough about me to have a lot of love in your heart for me. You are the only person on my part of the world that I do trust. Please bring me back to life instead of always having a reason to release me from your care and haunting stare. Open my eyes, reach out to me and teach me how to live. Open my eyes, show me what it means to be loved and to survive with only one broken wing. I desire to discover and know my own self worth, therefore I follow the north star to my birth place. I open my eyes and my soul awakens within me because I realize I am indeed not a bad seed after all. Special, my life truly does matter to you nearly as much as water. Pieces of my heart flow in your river of forgiveness and I embrace the everlasting peace between us.