Yes, Ceca decided, sneaking into the music room is the best thing I have ever done.

Ceca, like a dedicated music student, spent a lot of time practising. Her piano skills were exceptional, though she never really liked practising and only did it rarely.

~C sharp~

She whipped out her book bag, of which she searched for her manuscript folder. But it wasn't there.

Ceca looked through her bag frantically. No way, she thought, I left it at home!


The only music book she found was her scale book.

Scales, she mused, fun!

~D sharp~

Ceca contemplated going back outside to her friends, who were probably near the lockers wondering where she was.

She could easily picture Ava feverishly searching for her, as well as Folia not really caring.


Looking or not, Folia, Ava, Brenna, Garda and Dana were her best friends. Ceca was not deceived by Folia's apparent carelessness.

Should I stay? Ceca wondered.


She looked out the window, at the lightly beating sun. It was a beautiful day outside, nice and warm. It was very tempting to leave this little room she had no business being in in the first place.

But maybe that's exactly why Ceca decided to stay.

~F sharp~

She took a deep breath as she pulled out her scale book from her bag.


She made her way over the baby grand piano, edging ever so slowly each step.

~G sharp~

She lifted the cover off the keys and examined the pearly whites and onyx blacks.


She ran her fingers over the smooth keys. This piano was much better than her one at home.

~A sharp~

Which scale should I play? Where should I start?


She opened up her scale book and smiled.

F major pentatonic

A major

B melodic minor

G major

D major

Chromatic starting on C