A/U- Hey people(s), I'm back again! Before you read, I appoogize that this is really dark...um, yeah, enjoy...or at least tolerate?

My Dear Mr. Death

He is my dearest friend-

Always close by my side.

Never making himself known'

Yet he is always on my mind.

My parents don't approve-

They say I'm much too young,

But still I can't help but feel-

They have lost and I have won.

He waits for me at night,

And in the dark, he waits-

By my hand, not his-

He knows my fate.

Here is the time- the moment,

It dawns swift and deft.

And so now I am joined-

I am joined with Mr. Death.

A/U- Yeah, not gonna lie. I hope none of y'all can relate to that, but if you do I'm sorry and I know from experience how it feels. Again I appologize for the angst. I promise my next one'll be more upbeat!